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You have your options when you hit the casino floor, but whether you’re dropping actual coins in a brick and mortar casino or taking your hacks at your favorite online gambling hall, there’s no more enjoyable option and no better way to win big than the slot machines. That’s how we feel, and it’s why we’ve dedicated this site to bringing you all the information and news you need to venture into the internet gambling world and conquer all the fruit machines and progressive slots available.

We know online casinos, and we know slots, and as a result, we’re a prime destination for all the trust-worthy information you could need. We have extensive lists of all the slot games. We also have an extensive glossary explaining all the slots terms and concepts, as well as a frequently asked questions page to answer the key questions you might have about slots and casinos.

Slot-Machines.ca’s Team

All that expertise has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is our team of experts who manage the site and provide the content.

Daniel Wilson: Our site administrator began working with slot-machines.ca in 2012 as a head writer and has become the centerpiece of our operation. A 2003 grad of the University of Calgary, Daniel grew an interest in gambling while in college, when he and his buddies would gather in their dorms for late-night poker games. That interest led to the creation of an online poker account, and his passion for gambling has grown from there, with his interest in strategy and casino comparisons leading him to our site.

You can contact Daniel directly through his LinkedIn, GooglePlus or Facebook accounts.

Charles Lee: Charles is one of two main authors we have, and also perhaps our most passionate gamer. Slot machines aren’t just his business — they’re his escape. After a full day of writing reviews, his preference is to, in his own words, go “Zen” at one of his favorite online casinos. Spinning slots is a favorite pastime, and his expertise in the field and curiosity about the next big game make him an asset to our operation.

Jessica Smith: Jessica is our other main author, and her expertise when it comes to evaluating casinos is second to none. Like Daniel, her interest in the online gambling world was piqued by an early passion for poker, but in the time since, she’s become an expert on games of all types. She knows exactly what to look for in your local online casino, and she’s your ideal guide for figuring out the perfect gambling home for you.

Our staff is always available and eager to answer any questions you might have about our site or your favorite gambling hall. Feel free to reach out on contact[at]slot-machines.ca.