Download vs Instant Play

It’s the age-old question: to download or not to download. While downloadable casino software used to be all the rage, thanks to superfast WiFi speeds and a more extensive choice of devices to play on, downloadable casino software is on the way out – other than for players who play in areas where there’s a weak internet connection. All’s not lost. However – some players may still prefer to play via downloaded software – and here’s what you should know about download vs instant play.

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Software Download

Downloading casino software s an extremely simple process. In the past, when internet speeds were much slower, the download process was more of a commitment and a challenge. Now, however, with increased broadband speed downloading software takes just seconds.

Better Graphics: Online casino downloadable software often results in better quality graphics than non-downloadable versions. This is since they have to decrease the quality to make it run better over the internet as opposed to running the software on your local device. On a powerful desktop, there will be plenty of memory to accommodate non-compressed versions of a casino’s software, making it much sharper and visually pleasant. This also results in quicker, more reliable gameplay, because the game itself is not playing through an overworked web browser, but on its own specifically catered software.

Download Cons: The biggest problem is that a downloadable program is not accessible from anywhere. You will need to download the software on any device you want to play on.

Instant Play

Play Anywhere: No-download technology, on the other hand, can be played not just anytime, like downloadable casinos, but anywhere. You may be able to guess that using a browser requires less memory from your computer or mobile device, and this opens many doors. You can save on CPU memory and instead invest in a quicker cellular internet connection so you can play while you take the bus or train to work. For some casinos and devices, the download process isn’t even an option, so this version of the software is quite welcome.

Instant Play Drawbacks: As should be expected, no-download casino software is often slower than its counterpart, and is subject to more external forces, such as a lost connection or a dropped phone or virus. Plus,  no-download casinos often won’t remember your information, so you’ll have to punch it every time you wish to play.

All of this is to say that neither of the options is perfect and you need to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and technological constraints. Either way, you’re playing online slots should be a fun experience, so take the time to choose whichever playing method is right for you, and enjoy!

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