Flash Casinos

Most commonly, online gamblers choose to download a casino’s software to his or her computer, gaining access to slots and table games directly from their own hard drives. There is, however, another way to gamble: flash casinos, where no download is required (that’s why they’re also known as “no download casinos”). These streaming versions of your favorite gambling hall feature numerous advantages. For one, they don’t require players to clutter their own computers with software, and they make it easy to get gambling as soon as you sign up. The following casinos have excellent flash versions:

Flash vs. Download

Download: When gamblers choose to download casino software, access to the casino floor is made directly through the computer’s hard drive and connection to the internet. After signing up, players are required to download a software program to do this, using up potentially valuable storage space and slowing down computers light on memory space.

Flash: Flash, or instant play casinos, allow players to sidestep the download process. Rather than access the casino floor through the hard drive, players can simply enter through their web browser, a step that can save time and headaches for players gaming under specific circumstances.

Why Play Flash Casinos?

Save spaceSave space: Saving storage space on your computer is one of the best reasons to use a flash casino. In particular, browser based casinos are great for users who plan to gamble on laptops or other computers with limited memory. Because they require no downloads, flash casinos won’t clutter up a player’s RAM, allowing the laptop to continue to work at maximum efficiency.
Get gambling quickly: Browser casinos are also great if you’re in a hurry. Download times can be long, especially if your computer has a few miles on it. We all understand the excitement that comes with signing up at a new casino and the anxiousness you feel to try out some of the available games. Flash casinos allow gamblers to access games immediately, providing the instant gratification we all secretly crave.

Where Can You Find Flash Casinos & Games?

 Find Flash CasinosCasinos: As was mentioned above, we recommend a number of casinos with excellent flash versions. Royal Vegas flash casino and Mummy Gold, for example, operate on Microgaming software, among the most reliable flash casino systems available. Microgaming flash casinos use Adobe Flash technology, which allows them to support an impressive percentage of their downloadable games.

Games: Among those games are some of Microgaming’s top titles, including Thunderstruck II, The Dark Knight and Avalon II. Those titles are some of the most popular on the web, featuring impressive graphics and immersive gameplay even in their flash versions.

In total, those sites feature nearly 180 slots, ranging from progressive jackpots, video slots and other 3- and 5-reel offerings. The flash casinos also have dozens of table games and video pokers, as well as an assortment of other casino favourites.

The interface is also something players will enjoy. The games are sorted by type, making it easy for gamblers to navigate their way through the flash casino. Players can adjust settings and also access the casino bank. Speaking of which, players can play both for real money and for free at Microgaming flash casinos, making it a great way to try out a casino before signing up.

Full Casino Experience

The best thing about no download casinos is that players can get all the same thrills and frills as they would from a downloaded version. The best casinos know players want to have a comprehensive flash option at their fingertips, so it’s common practice for casinos to support a majority of their games in an instant play form. Gambling at a flash casino is a stellar option for both novice and veteran players, and is definitely something to look into next time you hit the slots.