Slots Glossary

3 reels slot: Slot machines that feature just 3 reels, offering a classic feel and a simpler gameplay than their 5 reel cousins.

5 reels slot: Slot machines with 5 reels, creating more paylines and more ways for gamblers to play and win.

Bonus Feature: Slots may include various features to enhance gameplay, such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins or bonus games.

Classic Slot: This is another term for 3 reel slots, potentially containing multiple paylines as well as bonus features.

Coin Size: On slot machines, players can bet a given number of coins per payline, and those coins can represent different amounts of money.

Expanding Wild: Some wild symbols on video slots will expand to cover multiple paylines, creating more chances for players to win.

Fixed Jackpot: Unlike progressive jackpots, these prizes remain the same regardless of how often they are won.

Free Spins: Sometimes given as bonus prizes and sometimes awarded by casinos as part of bonuses, free spinsallow players to play for free and keep their winnings.

Fruit Machine: British slang for slot machines. See our article about fruit machines for more.

Hit: A ‘hit’ is any spin that features a winning combination on a wagered payline.

High Volatility: Slots with a high volatility are likely to give players fewer payouts, but those payouts will tend to be bigger than a low volatility machine.

Loose Slot: A loose slot machine will have a higher payout percentage than the average slot.

Low Volatility: Slots with a low volatility are likely to create more hits, but those hits will generally be smaller than on a high volatility machine.

Max Bet: This is the most a player can wager by betting on all of the paylines.

Multiplier: When in effect, multipliers will boost a player’s winnings on a given hit, multiplying the earnings by the offered multiplier.

One-Armed Bandit: This is a slang term used for slot machines.

Payline: These run across slot screens in varying patterns on which players can try to create winning combinations. Paylines are only active when the player bets on them.

Payout: The winnings a player earns when he spins a hit.

Payout Percentage: The amount of a player’s money he or she should expect to receive back when playing a specific slot machine.

Pay Table: The name for the list of potential payouts a player can hit with different combinations on a slot machine.

Progressive Slot: A progressive slot machine is linked to other slot machines around the web with a growing jackpot that resets when one lucky player wins the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot: This is the constantly expanding prize available to players who play progressive slot machines.

RNG (Random Number Generator): Slots are generally constructed with random number generator technology, ensuring the result of a given spin is truly random.

Reels: Featuring the game’s symbols, the reels are the rotating strip on the slot screen.

Scatter: Combinations of scatter symbols can be used to win free spins or entry into bonus games.

Symbols: These are the pieces on the reels that players try to connect across paylines to win.

Tight Slot: Unlike loose slots, tight slots generally have low payout percentages, creating a larger advantage for the house.

Video Slot: A video slot is one that doesn’t feature actual, physical reels, but instead features animated reels and often includes assorted graphics.

Wild Symbol: These symbols can be used to stand in for other symbols on the board, helping create winning combinations.

Winning Combination: Any collection of symbols on a payline that results in a hit.