PayPal Slots

An ever-increasing number of online slot sites are now accepting PayPal as a payment method. There are two primary reasons for this: PayPal’s growing dominance of the electronic money transfer system market, and the increasing restrictions banks and credit card companies are placing on the use of their cards at online casinos.

However, using PayPal presents no such problems, and as well as making it easier to fund your online slots account, you benefit from greatly enhanced levels of security when using this service. Below is a list of the best PayPal Slots sites:

Why use PayPal?

Setting up a PayPal account is free (and if you’ve ever shopped online, it’s likely that you already have one). It is linked to your personal bank account or credit card, and so adding funds to a PayPal account is straightforward and convenient. If you don’t already have an account, all that is required to set one up is an email address.

Because of the sheer volume of transactions, it carries out, and the enormous number of customers who use it, PayPal has state-of-the-art security and encryption technology, meaning that the peace of mind it offers is unrivaled. An added layer of security is added by the fact that you are not required to share any of your personal financial information directly with the casino, making it even more difficult for your details to be compromised.

PayPal can be operated across all types of platform—desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone—and so the levels of convenience it offers is unmatched while adding funds to your casino account at any time can be accomplished quickly and easily. In addition, operating a personal PayPal account attracts no fees.

As testimony to the reliability and security of PayPal and to their standing in the industry, major international corporations such as eBay, Dell, Best Buy and Walmart all use PayPal to process payments, and there are over 230 million individuals around the world who also use the service.

PayPal and slot sites payments

PayPal has been a relatively late entrant into the online casino market, and it is still moving quite cautiously. As a company, its standards as to who it will do business with are quite rigorous, but what this means for players is that you know that you can trust that a Canadian PayPal slot sites will operate in a fair and transparent manner. Currently, it is still only a minority of online casinos that offer PayPal as a payment method, but this number is set to increase.

There are nevertheless a number of PayPal online slot sites that do accept Canadian players. These include 888, Intercasino, Platinum Play and Royal Vegas.

Using your PayPal account to play

Depositing funds into your online casino account from your PayPal account is uncomplicated and quick to complete. Each PayPal casino will have its own procedures, but these don’t vary a great deal and can be summarized as follows:

  • go to the cashier or banking page
  • select the deposit option
  • then, click on the PayPal option
  • enter a deposit amount
  • this will then redirect you to PayPal; once there, log into your account
  • you will be instructed as to how to complete your payment
  • you will then automatically return to the online slots site


The fact that you can operate your online slots account using PayPal without delays and bank restrictions is the primary reason it’s the method of choice for a growing number of players to fund their accounts. In addition, the high levels of security and the fact that you’re not sharing sensitive financial information directly with the casino is a big appeal. Setting up an account is easy, there are no fees, and you also have the added bonus of also being able to use your PayPal account for a wide variety of purposes beyond online gaming.