Slot Games Reviews

Playing slot games is the most popular activity in both online and offline casinos. At we’ve spent time researching slot games in Canada to bring you a list of the best slot games you can play on the web. Read on to learn more about how we rate the games or play slots now with the help of our list below:

What To Look For In a Slot Game

Our slot game reviews grade on five specific features we look for in a given game, and the above list of slots reviews reflects some of the best options available to online gamblers based on these criteria:

  • Gameplay – Is it a 3 or 5-reel slot? How do the payouts work? Is there a specific theme to the game? What are the maximum and minimum bets? All these are good things to know when starting to play a slot game.
  • Graphics – You’re going to spend plenty of time looking at the screen in front of you, so of course it’s good to know that what you’re looking at isn’t going to get stale after just a few spins. Some video slots today have graphics akin to a video game with The Dark Knight slot machine featuring cut away scenes from the movie which provide entertainment in their own right
  • Jackpots – The jackpot structure can vary between slot machines games and knowing how much you can win and how you can win it is perhaps the most important factor for many players. It is a progressive jackpot which keeps on growing until someone hits it? If not how big can the jackpot get? Can players hit the jackpot at any time? Is there a special bonus game available that gives players a shot at the jackpot?
  • Bonus – Bonuses like free spins and bonus games can help spice up the playing experience.
  • Volatility – Does the game offer huge jackpots but payout infrequently, know as a high volatility game? Or does it offer smaller jackpots but with more frequent payouts? Both such styles of games offer their own rewards
  • Special Features – In an attempt to stand out from the rest, many games will offer special features or twists on its game play. Often, this will mean special bonus games or the additions of scatter symbols or other bonus systems. Some of the best games will find an especially unique twist to keep things interesting.

Trying to decide which game is right fit for you shouldn’t be too complicated. It’s important that players know what kind of game they’re looking for and the options available within that genre. With our online slots reviews, you should be able to find exactly the game for you and to start playing slots straight away!