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When choosing which online slot to play, the most important point to consider is whether you prefer to play high- or low-volatility games. You can expect a low- to the medium-volatility slot to have a payout percentage of around 95% or higher.

Progressive jackpot slots are high-volatility games which offer a payout percentage in the region of 87%. This lower payout rate means that there are fewer wins and so your average return is not likely to be as good, but this is offset by the fact that progressive slots offer the potential for truly enormous jackpots, very often in the millions of dollars.

Ultimately, the sort of game that you choose to play depends on your approach to playing—would you prefer a higher average return, or would you rather fewer wins for the chance of a life-changing jackpot. Whatever sort of game you decide to play, this page will guide you in finding the right sort of online slot to suit your particular playing style.

Best payout %

A selection of low- to medium-volatility games with good payout percentages includes:

  • Thunderstuck II is a 5-reel 243 ways to win Microgaming slot with an average payout percentage of 96.65%. The biggest jackpot available is $121,500 during the Wildstorm bonus feature or $5,000 during base play.
  • Mermaid’s Millions has a maximum payout of $112,500 during the 10x free spin feature, or $37,500 during base play. This 5-reel, 15 payline slot from Microgaming has an average payout percentage of 96.6%.
  • Tomb Raider is a Microgaming 5-reel, 15 payline game that offers an average payout percentage of 96%. There is maximum win of $56,250 available during the 10x free spin feature and the biggest payout of $18,750 in base play

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Most frequent jackpots

Progressive slots offer a lower payout percentage and fewer wins because a fraction of each losing spin goes into the pooled jackpot.

  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming has paid out over CAD$28.87 million since its launch in January 2012. It has four levels of progressive jackpot, the largest of which is worth a minimum of USD$1 million. The average length of time between jackpot wins is 29 days, and on average these are worth CAD$2.63 million.
  • Major Millions also has an impressive track record of amazing jackpot wins, including one of over CAD$1.7 million in February 2012 and another over CAD$1.8 million in May 2012. The average size of the jackpot is CAD$456,000 and this is won roughly every 32 days, it can be found at Microgaming casinos such as Spin palace and Royal Vegas
  • Iron Man 2 is a part of the Playtech Marvel Multi-level Progressive Jackpot Network, which offers four randomly triggered jackpots. The largest of these, Ultimate Power, is won on average every 4 days and is worth in the region of CAD$775,000. To date, the largest jackpot win has been CAD$1.4 million.

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You can choose one of two routes when selecting an online slot to play: either low- to medium-volatility games with higher payout percentages and smaller, albeit still significant, wins; or high volatility progressive jackpot games that offer wins on an enormous scale, but with a lower payout percentage rate, and therefore fewer winning spins.

Your choice will depend on the way you want to play, but it’s important to undertake some research before you begin so that you’re making a conscious and well-informed decision.