32Red's 26-Day Slots Marathon Draws to a Close

32red slots marathon

32Red's 26-Day Slots Marathon Draws to a Close

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 1, 2017

Over most of July, 32Red has been running a bizarre promotion which encouraged players to play slots quite aggressively and, by wagering large sums, gain ranking points against one another. Sadly, this fun event has now drawn to a close.

Every day, 32Red set new “Daily Bonus” totals, anywhere from $1,000-$5,000, signifying the total amount which could be won that day: over the course of the 26 days, there were a whopping $50,000 + extras up for grabs!

Basically, for every $10 you spent on the reels, you earned one point to your name. The final leaderboard shows Stuart E in pole position, with nearly 8,500 points…and a $500 bonus. So that’s around $85,000 wagered for a $500 bonus – well, I hope he managed to win on multiple occasions and some of the extra bonuses too, because that is not a sparkling return!


Distance and Relay Bonuses

There were additional bonuses at stake, though the odds of obtaining one were always pretty low, even with a huge amount of reel time.

The “Distance” bonus:

  • Five lucky wins – £500 bonus
  • Ten lucky wins – £2500 bonus
  • Twenty lucky wins – £10,000 bonus

The “Relay” bonus:

  • 3 lucky wins in a row – £500 bonus
  • 5 lucky wins in a row – £2500 bonus
  • 10 lucky wins in a row – £10,000 bonus

Was the Marathon a Successful Promotion?

With enough people taking part, the prize money payouts were probably dropped in the ocean compared to what the casino earned from the increased slots activity. However, it doesn’t look like Stuart E got a huge reward for his 8,495 points – we’ll wait and see what the casino (and players) say about the promotion in hindsight!

Landing one of those extra bonuses would certainly have made the time investment worthwhile for most players, but we aren’t sure yet whether or not anyone succeeded!