Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky - New Slots from Playtech


Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky - New Slots from Playtech

Written by Daniel Wilson
June 19, 2018

We know what you’re thinking: “Wait, another ancient gods slot with clouds, pillars and Roman pottery?!”

Well, yes, it is – but will this effort from Playtech be able to separate itself from the crowd, and establish Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky as something more than a repeat of the most overdone and exhausted online slot genre?

Let’s find out.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

The game opens up with beautiful music: it is rich, empowering, soft, and sad. It’s the sort of music you’d find at the end of a historical epic, just after the hero was slain but before he rises from the ashes.

It might be the best thing about this slot.

The background to the reels is a regal purple, while the edges are trimmed with gold. In terms of symbols, we’re looking at:

  • Pegasus (wild)
  • Bonus symbol
  • Gladiator helm
  • Pottery
  • Marble columns
  • Harp

The game is extremely volatile, but during our extensive testing we rarely managed to trigger wins above the bet amount. However, there was still hope in the form of both a free spins round and a series of progressive jackpots.

Special Features

The moment you’ve been waiting for (probably for quite some time..) it’s the free spins round! If you’ve managed to collect all 3 bonus symbols across reels 2, 3, and 4, then it’s time to try and rake in the cash.

Players start with 5 free spins, and can retrigger batches of 5 additional spins by landing the 3 bonus symbols once again. While it is possible to win spectacularly large amounts through the stacked Pegasus symbols, we found the bonus round to reflect the base game: little, and not often.

Progressive Jackpot

There is another big prize on offer, and that’s a series of 4 progressive jackpots. Triggered at random, players are presented with a bag of 20 coins. Choose 3 of the same coin pertaining to one of the jackpots, and the money is yours! The available jackpots are imaginatively named:

  • Power
  • Extra Power
  • Super Power
  • Ultimate Power Jackpots.

Our Verdict

Well that was underwhelming. There are so many ancient gods-based slots these days that, to make it a success, you really have to stand out – for the right reasons. Unfortunately, with the free spins game underwhelming, and the base wins amounting to virtually zero,  we have to say that Age of the Gods: Ruler of the Sky just didn’t have the teeth to be a serious contender among today’s best slots.

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