Android Opens Its Doors to Real-Money Casino Apps

casino apps on google play

Android Opens Its Doors to Real-Money Casino Apps

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 10, 2017

For the last few years we’ve been experiencing something of a mobile casino revolution, where the platform has soared in popularity and more and more casinos have developed mobile-friendly websites and dedicated apps for players.

However, Android has never stocked real-money gambling apps in their store – until now.

UK, Ireland and France players can now access several casinos straight from the Android app store (called the Google Play Store) and begin spinning reels and playing blackjack with ease. Android announced their plans to allow proper gambling apps several months ago, and we’re pleased to see they’re actually acting on it!


How Many Casinos Are Available?

We hear from Google that there are many casinos in the pipeline going through Android’s terms and conditions procedures and making sure they are fully compliant – this is for the safety and security of all players. Right now, only a handful of casinos has been released, including the ever-popular 888casino.

However, this is probably the calm before the storm – casinos will be racing to get their apps approved and take a wedge of this massive new market opportunity.

The real question for users right now is over the countries which have access to these Play Store-friendly apps! So far they have only been released in the UK, Ireland and France – reasonable given that online casino is exceptionally popular in all 3 countries. However, if the launch is successful, it won’t be long until players all over the world have access to their favourite games and casinos.

The future of mobile gambling just got a little brighter!