Asian Diamonds: A Mercurial New Slot from Novomatic


Asian Diamonds: A Mercurial New Slot from Novomatic

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 9, 2018

Novomatic’s results can be a bit hit or miss, and on balance, we aren’t quite sure where to place this one. It does let itself down in some regards, but is picked right back up again in others – we’ll let you decide!

What we can say is that Asian Diamonds is a simple, 5-reel slot with a free spins bonus round that can pay out very handsomely indeed. Interested? Then read on!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Welcome to generic Asialand! Built by Novomatic, players can wager as little as $0.30 per spin, or up to the massive $450 if they’re rolling high – but that probably isn’t enough to distract you from the woeful graphics. Spun straight out of the early noughties, Asian Diamonds is designed for an audience in the earliest days of online casino: exceedingly slow spins, ill-fitting sound effects, and very basic artwork and animation.

In terms of symbols, we’ve got Geishas, playing card suits, scatters, and wilds. The Geishas are the same, but with different coloured outfits, and the rest of the symbols are completely self-explanatory. You can win up to 300x your stake in the base game for a screenful of wilds, but otherwise, the payouts are not great: 2x for three full reels of wilds, and less than that for landing 5 Geishas on a payline.

Special Features

As with most modern online slots, the real treasures can be found in the bonus rounds. While many offer 2/3/4 unique bonus options, Asian Diamonds has just the one: land scatters during the base game, and unlock free spins!

If the 7+ scatter symbols (beautiful golden orbs) land during a single spin, the bonus round is triggered as follows:

  • 7 scatters – 8 spins
  • 8 scatters – 16 spins
  • 9 scatters – 32 spins

Not only that, but all winnings will fire through a 6x multiplier; at up to $450 per spin, we’ll leave you to work out your possible winnings! For every spin, a random symbol will also become fully stacked and could land on each reel – there is huge potential for a payout here.

Our Verdict

Asian Diamonds is a game of highs and lows. For the highs, there’s a superb free spins round where wins can be stratospheric. On the other hand, the spins are ponderously slow and the sound effects are pretty irritating. Veteran gamblers might be able to see past these flaws in search of a big payout, but Novomatic won’t be attracting many new players with this effort.

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