Big Bot Crew: A Futuristic Slot For the Ages


Big Bot Crew: A Futuristic Slot For the Ages

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 26, 2018

If you’ve ever seen the movie Big Hero 6, with the geeky teenagers building robots and wearing cool clothes, then you are already familiar with the premise of Big Bot Crew – it even has a similar name! The game is exceptionally high variance (you could easily burn thousands of bucks in a single session) but at the same time, access to the respin bonus can return up to 5,000x your stake on just one spin.

If you’re a player who likes adrenaline and plays in anticipation of the exceptional, then read on and consider playing Big Bot Crew!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Big Bot Crew is a Quickspin creation, which means you already know it’s stunning. The graphics are perfectly polished, and the symbol could genuinely feature in ‘Big Hero 6’ they’re so lifelike. What’s particularly impressive is the quality of animation. There are characters flying across the screen, and wilds expanding and contracting when you hit the bonus rounds. It’s just a very, very professional game.

The symbols include a variety of different cogs (these are the low-value options) and then a mob of geek-chic robot builders. The most impressive symbol is Bigbot, the wild. Bigbot is stacked 4 symbols high across the middle 3 reels, and pays up to 10x under regular circumstances.

That’s right – there are irregular circumstances worth paying attention to!

Bigbot Respins

When two or more full Bigbots land on the reels (stacked 4 symbols high) you activate the Bigbot respins. If you land 2 Bigbots, you get 2 spins; 3 Bigbots, 3 spins. For every regular wild which appears on-screen, you’ll receive an extra respins. There’s no cap on this, so you could end up with extensive respins using those stacked wilds to generate big payouts.

Free Spins Round

In addition to the Bigbot Respins feature, players can also unlock a free spins round by landing 3 bonus symbols across reels 2, 3, and 4. Here the stacked Bigbots are available on reels 1-5 and everytime you land one you’ll receive an extra free spin. So while you only start with a single spin, it’s possible to garner 12, 15, or even more if your luck is in!

Our Verdict

While beautifully made, Big Bot Crew remains a simple game. It is unquestionably enjoyable to play, and can pay out ludicrous sums of cash to lucky players! We recommend Quickspin’s latest attraction wholeheartedly, and cross our fingers that you walk away with the maximum 5,020x stake!

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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