Book of Gods: an Instant-Classic from Big Time Gaming


Book of Gods: an Instant-Classic from Big Time Gaming

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 13, 2018

Book of Gods is a smart, attractive, and innovative new slot from Big Time Gaming. As if the beautiful design and powerful name weren’t enough to draw your attention, Book of Gods also features a wicked bonus round, unpredictable in-game rewards, plus one unique special ability we’ll discuss further in!

Interested? Then turn the page, and read the Book of Gods!


Set in a generic ancient time, Book of Gods is an inventive slot where any spin could prove immensely lucrative, and where mysterious magic is always afoot.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Straight away with the first spin in the base game, we see a tasty example of innovation: the book to the left of the reels starts flipping its pages, settling on one particular symbol. If you strike a winning combo which uses that symbol, then it will expand to fill its reel, boosting your win.

The highest-value symbol is the Book of Gods itself, worth an ethereal 30x your stake for 5 on a payline. However, this symbol also holds the key to unlocking the free spins round, which promises to be even more valuable than that!

What really strikes us is that this game is just so easy and fun to play. Even when you aren’t winning, you enjoy the process of playing; fortunately, you will still rack up wins more often than not!

Special Features

Landing 3+ Books of Gods will unlock the free spins round. However, you can also pay your way into the bonus! It costs 80x your wager amount, but the potential returns are so massive that it might not be as crazy a bet as you’d expect. This is called the “Feature Drop”, and should only be used by players who are very confident about their luck – remember, the odds always favour the house!

Either way, once you get to the free spins round, it’s nothing but good fun. You’ll notice one of the lights at the bottom of the reels is illuminated: any symbols corresponding to that colour land on the reels, then the symbol will grow to fill its reel! If there are multiple matching symbols, they all grow.

If you land 3+ scatters again, then another symbol is unlocked and will expand to fill its reel. You’ll also get 15 more spins: retriggering spins pretty much guarantees making a profit if you choose to purchase the bonus round! However, if you trigger this round the natural way (i.e. without paying) you are guaranteed to leave with a colossal amount of cash in the bank!

Our Verdict

Book of Gods is a great game: it has sublime graphics, crisp and attractive animations, and can pay out exceedingly generous sums. It also offers a few quirks, and something different, and that goes a long way in today’s world of copy-cat and same-same games that are always in production!

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