C$197,000 Won in Divine Fortune Online Slot

Divine Fortune Mega Jackpot

C$197,000 Won in Divine Fortune Online Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
November 18, 2018

The lucky player who won the massive amount is Ida from Sweden. She was on her phone, in the middle of the night, playing the popular Netent title on Casumo Casino’s platform, when it happened. And at first, the happy winner shared, she didn’t even read the amount of her prize properly. In fact, she thought at first that she had only won 19.7 CAD. But soon she realized that the actual number was a whopping 197 thousand CAD.

Excited and in complete disbelief, Ida rushed to share the fantastic news with her boyfriend. And in an interview with the casino, she laughed about how he initially thought she was pulling his leg. Furthermore, she even had to send him a screenshot to prove she wasn’t lying to him. And even after that, the shock of the major win has yet to pass. As a matter of fact, Ida still can’t believe her luck, stating these things ‘don’t happen to normal people’.

Now for the best part, though. The stake at which Ida won the jackpot was the equivalent of a mere 0.60 CAD. So there goes the notion that you can only win big by betting big!

It was all the dog’s doing

In the same interview for Casumo, Ida also shared that none of it would have happened if not for the dog. As it turns out, the family of five had just gotten a new dog, which was keeping Ida up. So, in order to pass the time, she watched TV and decided to spin the reels of Divine Fortune.

Then before she knew it, the screen was already displaying her prize. And of course, the mother of three has already come up with a plan of how to spend it.

First and foremost, she intends to use part of the money for clothes and Christmas gifts for her children. After all, the holidays are just around the corner and what better way to surprise your loved ones. Then another part she plans to put towards her studies in January. And finally, their house needs a new roof, and they could use an improvement of their vehicles, as well.