Christmas Can Be Legendary with SuperLenny Casino


Christmas Can Be Legendary with SuperLenny Casino

Written by Daniel Wilson
December 10, 2017

SuperLenny is the kind of casino which likes to make a statement. Big games, for example – or big bonuses. Their Christmas promotion this year is definitely one of the latter, and quite unlike those offered by other casinos so far!

Running right up until the 25th of December, SuperLenny is offering players the chance to redeem daily offers and, in turn, rack up Stars. These Stars will then buy players entry into the massive end-of-Christmas SuperLenny raffle – and the prizes on offer there are certainly big.

So – are you going to celebrate Christmas with SuperLenny this year?

Collecting Stars

Basically you are assigned different little missions every day of the month. The rules, wagering requirements and objectives will vary, but if you manage to complete the day’s challenge then you’ll receive your Stars.

Raffle Prizes

The selection is pretty varied, but the options range from the minor to the utterly exceptional:

  • 25 free spins plus Bose Headphone
  • 50 free spins plus PlayStation 4 and VR headset
  • 75 free spins and a brand-new Apple iPhone X
  • 100 free spins plus an Apple iMac.
  • 150 free spins and a mind-blowing ski trip to the Alps worth £3000! This will include flights, accommodation for 4 nights, ski tickets for two people and more.

Of course you’re much more likely to end up with just the spins than the huge prizes, but the beauty of online casino is that you never know! Good luck, and we hope you take home a prize!

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