Coffee House Mystery - A Surprisingly Good New Slot from Markur


Coffee House Mystery - A Surprisingly Good New Slot from Markur

Written by Daniel Wilson
June 20, 2018

Coffee House Mystery is one of those slots which kind of takes you by surprise: it doesn’t look like much on the surface, but actually it’s an intriguing, enjoyable and potentially lucrative game. Having now played it a bit, we can definitely recommend the game to our readers; if there’s a budding Sherlock Holmes in the area, then they will particularly enjoy it!


Markur seems to be going for that murder-on-a-train vibe, except this one takes place on the slightly more normal coffee house. It’s fun and easy to play – what more could you need?

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Let’s get the worst out the way early. The biggest problem this game has is that the graphics (and the general reel design) look terrifically old fashioned. Coffee House Mystery has a 5×3 reel layout, and the classic-looking symbols, overly warm colours, and column-numbered paylines are all just a bit outdated.

But as we know, slots are never all about aesthetic – they’re about having fun and winning cash!

As well as your regular payline wins, there are four quality in-game, randomly-activate special wilds which can appear at any time!

  • Detective Dan – An expanding wild which can appear from any of the four corners of the reels. The detective knows a thing or two about big wins!
  • Officer John – The Officer is local to reel 3, and randomly appears to fill the entire reel!
  • Miss Lucy – Forming a giant cross which covers 5 symbols, Miss Lucy has been known to generate some otherworldly wins!
  • Espresso – This is the big one. Appearing smack in the middle of the reels, the Espresso wild completely covers reels 2, 3, and 4!


Without these four wilds, the base play would be pretty unexciting. Knowing one of these could be lurking behind every corner, however, keeps the adrenaline pumping!

Special Features

There is another eye-catching symbol in the base game, and that’s the diamond. This is the game’s scatter, and landing all 3 (reels 1, 3, and 5) at once will activate the free spins round. The basic deal is this: 10 free spins, no multipliers.

Pretty basic, right?

Well, not quite. Players can retrigger the free spins round by landing the 3 diamonds again – but not only does this result in 10 more spins, it also means a second playing window appears, so you can play across two sets of reels at once.

Retrigger the spins a third time and, you guessed it, 10 more spins and a a third playing window! The odds of getting to this stage are pretty remote, but if you do manage it, then the payouts will be through the roof!

Our Verdict

Coffee House Mystery has all the potential to be a boring, run-of-the-mill game that might have been a hit 15 years ago – certainly the artistic design looks that way! However, with the brilliant random wilds and potentially-lucrative free spins round, the game does still have a lot to offer players.

We recommend giving it a go, and seeing how you get on!

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