Crystal Land is a Stunning, Lucrative New Game from Playson

Crystal Land

Crystal Land is a Stunning, Lucrative New Game from Playson

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 20, 2018

It may only be February, but already we can see that 2018 is shaping up as one of the most exciting and groundbreaking years for online slot development in some time. Every developer is churning out games, but they’re almost unanimously well-made, polished products.

Crystal Land is a fine example of this new standard.

Despite being a relatively basic concept – a 7×7 grid full of diamonds, no crazy storyline or plot – Crystal Land has full control over the essence of the game. The soundtrack is inviting, the graphics pleasing, and the game mechanics provide regular wins with nuanced animation.

The creators at Playson understand that bells and whistles are not the cornerstones of every good game. Nailing the fundamentals is much more important than going all-out on the flashy touches, and Crystal Land is a fundamentally sound game.


Crystal Land seems to take place on a distant planet which has obviously not been discovered by humans quite yet, since it’s full of diamonds that are yet to be pulled from the ground! The background is quaint and simple, focusing your attention on the reels and sparkling symbols.

The slot looks like good fun, so let’s dive in and see if it can perform!

Layout and Gameplay

Crystal Land features a 7×7 grid and uses Cluster Pays technology to find winning combinations. This means that rather than using traditional horizontal paylines across the screen, adjacent symbols which form into groups are rewarded.

The symbols are almost exclusively sparkling gems, but there are also a few wilds thrown in for good measure. The gems include emeralds, sapphires, citrines, topaz and amethysts. Naturally, diamonds are the most valuable symbol, worth 10x your stake for a cluster of 9 or more.

That may not seem like much, but what we haven’t said is that for every spin with a winning combination, those symbols disappear and more cascade down from the top. Any new combos which form are also rewarded, and the cycle repeats – free respins!

With the injection of wilds into the equation, these wins can escalate quickly. As good as all this is, it gets even better: initially, a full twenty five of the symbols are hidden from view. After each successful respin, more symbols are opened up, and the odds of winning get even higher!

Bonus Round

As we’ve just covered, every successful respin means more symbols break free of their shackles to enter the game. Once the top layer of symbols has been liberated (requires 5 respins) Crystal Land launches its bonus game!

It’s pretty simple. Three treasure chests are injected into the reels, hidden away. You then get to use clever potions and powerful bombs to create winning combinations – if you clear away the symbols to reveal a treasure chest, you are rewarded with a huge multiplier!

This round (and the respins preceding it) almost invariably produces a killer payout, up to 100x your initial stake or more!

Our Verdict

Crystal Land is honestly one of the most enjoyable and refreshing online slots we’ve seen released for quite some time. It’s easy to master, and we still haven’t tired of playing it!

If you’re an autospin fan, then you can also enable that feature while using other tabs in your browser – listen to the soundtrack for clues about big wins!

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