Dios Mio - It's El Jackpotto, the Latest Slot by Blueprint Gaming!

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Dios Mio - It's El Jackpotto, the Latest Slot by Blueprint Gaming!

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 22, 2018

Welcome to a world of fiery burritos, heavy bodyslams and general mayhem: it’s El Jackpotto! The game follows the bizarre life of Senor Burrito, a wondering burrito salesman by day, and prime-time super wrestler El Jackpotto by night!

While the premise could also work for a satirical comedy show, the team at Blueprint Gaming has done a superb job of making El Jackpotto one of the most enjoyable, well-made games of 2018 so far. We’re absolutely smitten.

It’s a relatively high variance game, but unlike so many other games, the experience means that you want to keep playing, even when things aren’t going your way.

Like all medium-high variance games, there are always a few big-hitting surprises in store, and the El Jackpotto bonuses are a force to be reckoned with! When you hit one, you know you’re in for a mean pay day.

From the catchy soundtrack and amiable characters, to the whopping pots of gold on offer during the bonus rounds, El Jackpotto has everything you need for a first-rate online slot experience.


The aim of the game is to help El Jackpotto become the Ultimate Luchador Champion – in doing so, you’ll both be richly rewarded! The game features a superb soundtrack – light, drawling music between spins, then an exciting crescendo for winning combos – and the design is deliberately cartoonish, wacky and imperfect.

Gameplay Overview

The first thing you notice about El Jackpotto isn’t the 5 reels or 20 paylines – it’s the flamboyant, bright colours and Mexican standoff music. But then it’s back to business. There’s a bright green “spin” button at the bottom right, and you can easily vary your bet amount off to the left.

The reel animation is very smooth, and accompanied by an audible whirr, building anticipation. Once you’ve taken a few spins, you’ll notice that wins are infrequent, and underwhelming. You rarely see more than 1-2x return on your stake, and even that starts to feel like a good win!

The difference, of course, is when the bonuses get involved. There are several different base game extras which Mr Burrito can apply, if he feels so inclined:

  • Tomato Sauce – If Senior Burrito squirts tomato sauce onto the reels, it transforms one standard symbol into a common mystery symbol.
  • Mustard – When it’s mustard time, we see multiple reels turn completely wild!
  • Chilli Sauce – Things start heating up, and a bunch of extra wilds are injected into the game, increasing the odds of big wins.
  • Big Ol’ Fart – A gaseous eruption from Senior Burrito could be a blessing in disguise, as he adds a load of bonus symbols to the reels, massively boosting your chances to activating one!

The Bonus Rounds

When you land 3+ bonus symbols in a single spin, you then get one of five possible bonus rounds. Let’s quickly outline them all, in ascending order of lucrativeness:

  • Smack that Ass – Round one, El Jackpotto beats up a few piñatas, hoping to find some big prizes hidden inside.
  • Pound for Pound – The big man selects various “belts”, again each is associated with a prize of a differing amount.
  • Rocket Wild Free Spins – 5 free spins, with added rocket wilds! El Jackpotto adds at around 5 wilds to every single spin, producing heavy duty wins for you!
  • Ready to Rumble Free Spins – Watch our hero take on the likes of El Capitan, El Nacho King and El Pollo Diablo in the ring, with special bonuses for every win.
  • Big Money Bonus – Here’s where you can win the biggest prize of all (a whopping 10,000x your stake) if El Jackpotto is finally crowned champion!

Our Verdict

Phew – that was a lot we just covered there! Thing is, there’s a lot going on in this game, and that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. The music, graphics and the charisma of the character all contribute too, making El Jackpotto a fun, volatile, moreish game for all audiences.

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