Discover Ancient Egypt with "Legend of the Nile" by Betsoft

The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were well-known for their opulence, wealth and adoration of gold. Even today we find their tombs filled with riches beyond imagining, and that’s the spirit of Legend of the Nile.

From the glittering golden Sphinx to the shimmering blue water, Legend of the Nile is just makes you feel a bit more wealthy. Since it’s a video slot where we’re all looking to earn some extra cash, it’s a nice environment for gamblers!

It’s a 6×6 grid using the cluster pays system for managing your wins. With multiple bonuses to activate, and the possibility for huge cumulative wins, Legend of the Nile will appeal to the majority of players.


After a few minutes of play, you’ll forget about your wintry Canadian home. Instead, you’ll be transported to Egypt, where the palm trees flutter in the breeze and every surface is etched with gold. There’s a definite glamour and magic on the Nile!

Gameplay and Layout

Abandoning the “old-fashioned” reel-and-payline system for trendy Cluster Pays and adjacent symbol wins, Legend of the Nile is one of those slots where you can win three, four or five times in a row – perhaps more!

Set in an idyllic Egyptian paradise, the game is truly beautiful – more like the latest Xbox creation than an online slot! The 7×7 grid has a load of hieroglyphic symbols in addition to the likes of Horus, the Pharaoh Hound and Isis! Naturally, the renowned symbols are the ones which pay the most.

Bonus Features

As with most cluster-based slots, bonuses are awarded relative to the number of consecutive wins and the specific symbols involved. For example, if you manage to collect 8 Horus symbols in a single turn, you’ll unlock a bunch of free spins.

Isis and Anubis (the Pharaoh Hound) are the other bonus-generating symbols, so keep an eye out for those! If your luck is in, it’s possible to rack up a whopping 400x your initial wager on a single spin. It doesn’t happen often, but you have as good a chance as anyone else of making that life-changing win!

And that’s not all. After every win, you can choose to flip a coin (golden, of course) and call heads or tails – get it right, double your money; get it wrong, however, and lose it all!

Our Verdict

It’s not always easy to get repeat wins on cascade games, but they flow thick and fast on the Nile. The first win is rarely a big one, but with the added multipliers on consecutive wins, there’s the potential to take home a healthy wedge every time.

From the opening credits to the splendid animations and the Double Up feature, Legend of the Nile ticks every box.

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