Dragon Kings: A Simple and Repetitive Slot from Betsoft

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Dragon Kings: A Simple and Repetitive Slot from Betsoft

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 27, 2018

Betsoft can be a little hit-or-miss with their slots – we’ve seen it for years. Since Dragon Kings follows the most abused genre in online slots history (the generic “Asian” theme) we are crossing our fingers very tightly that they’ve stumbled on a new, refreshing formula. There’s a free spins round, and a special one-symbol reel attached to the base game, so we’re optimistic!


If you’ve been playing online slots for a while, you’ll know what we mean by “generic Asian-themed slot”. That’s Dragon Kings.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Full of engraved sculptures, gold coins, wacky colours and mythical creatures, Dragon Kings is a visual assault on the senses. The symbols are a myriad of clashing hues against a red background, while the rest of the surroundings are artistic chaos: flames, crashing waves, and a huge sunset. To be completely honest, we’re not sure where the name “Dragon Kings” comes from, as it’s not really reflected in the design!

Anyway, it’s a 5×3, 10 payline slot with a fairly low RTP of 95%. It has very low volatility during our testing (pretty frequent wins, but seriously small sums) and since the spins and payouts were quite slow, it just wasn’t the most enjoyable game.

Bonus Round

There is one bonus round contained with the empty, meandering walls of Dragon Kings. You’ll notice there are shiny pearls (scatters) contained with the reels, matching that  found in the spare symbol off to the right. Land 3+ scatters, and it’s game time!

Three scatters will get you 6 free spins, or a whopping 25 for all five. Even better, if you can land a pearl on the spare reel you can double your number of spins. During our testing (at $0.50 per spin) we landed 3 scatters plus the bonus, meaning 12 free spins!

And we took home $0.60 for our efforts. Now, we probably got quite unlucky with the results of our spins, but since there are no real enhancements during the bonus round, and the regular game is extremely low variance, it’s not likely to ever pay out that much.

Our Verdict

Honestly, there is no aspect of this game which would encourage me to play with real cash. The spins are cumbersome, the design is shoddy, and the payouts are chronically bad. If you’ve got cash to burn on a fun online slot, then check out our other reviews as there are some corkers out there.

Dragon Kings, we’re sad to say, is not one of them.

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