An Exciting New Release for Netent Fans: Fruit Spin Slot!

Fruit Spin Slot

An Exciting New Release for Netent Fans: Fruit Spin Slot!

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 8, 2018

Netent has clearly has this slot in the works for some time, since the result is refined, polished and brilliantly executed. On the face of it, Fruit Spin Slot is quite simple: a few reels, a bunch of not-so-exotic symbols, and a pleasant textured background.

However, once you stick the game into gear and start revving her up, you realise that it’s actually very powerful, nuanced and rewarding. That’s what Netent always does: they entertain a simple premise, then flesh it out into a masterpiece.

Fruit Spin Slot is one of the same breed: simple, elegant and well worth your time!


As you might’ve guessed, there’s some fruit involved! The game isn’t really about fruit in any way, however, except that some are used for symbols. It’s almost a game without a tangible theme, but with heaps of charisma and charm.

Gameplay and Layout

So you’ve got 5 reels, each 4 symbols deep. The symbols appear to be held in panes of glass, since you can see straight through behind them to the background – a shimmering blue textured wall. When you get a win the reels are outlined with shining white lights, which is a classy touch.

The symbols include a variety of fruits (cherries, limes, berries, oranges) as well as various bars:

  • Single bronze
  • Double silver
  • Triple gold
  • The 7 bar

No prizes for guessing which are the most valuable! Read the list backwards, and you’ll have it. There are 40 fixed paylines, and everything else you can learn as you go!

Bonus Features

When it comes to the special bits and pieces, Fruit Spin Slot has plenty to brag about.

Stacked Symbols

Every symbol in the game is stacked 2-3 high, which means there’s a better chance of getting winning combinations on the reels.

3×3 Wilds and Scatters

Bigger and better than the regular symbols, the wilds and scatters appear as 3×3 blocks, massively enhancing their usefulness! While the wilds can only be accessed in the free spins round, the scatters are always active and ready to deliver big results!

Lucky Wheels

When you land 1, 2 or 3 rows of that 3×3 scatter during the main game, you get 1, 2 or 3 spins of the lucky wheels! These not only guarantee minimum payouts, but also can generate free spins which continue after your lucky wheels session is at an end.

Long story short, it always delivers.

Our Verdict

What surprised us was the amount of variety available in what appears to be a simple, compact game. You get far more bang for your buck than in most online slots, and we recommended it wholeheartedly.

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