Exotic Cats: Welcome to the Microgaming Jungle!


Exotic Cats: Welcome to the Microgaming Jungle!

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 20, 2018

Exotic Cats is an exciting new slot from Microgaming, set deep inside a hungry jungle crawling with huge predators. With 5 reels, 243 ways to win, and special stacked wilds available on every spin, there are plenty of opportunities for big payouts. While the game is fundamentally quite basic, it offers fairly high-quality special features and beats out plenty of competition from rival slots who boast superior graphics but lesser imaginations.


Placed in the heart of a menacing jungle filled to bursting with big angry cats (and a completely superfluous jungle hottie) you’ll have your share of cuts, scrapes, and desperate battles for life!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

In terms of the game’s symbols, they’re relatively predictable: spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts make up the lowest value options, while a female protagonist and a set of pawprints make up the rest. The big-hitters are, of course, the jungle cats themselves:

  • Lion (reel 1)
  • Tiger (reel 2)
  • Panther (reel 3)
  • Leopard (reel 4)
  • Cougar (reel 5)

The reason these symbols are so valuable is not that they pay well, but that if you land any big cat symbols on their corresponding reel (i.e. a lion on reel 1) then the full reel becomes wild! This happens throughout the game, and can contribute to gargantuan wins – especially when you land multiple matching cats!

As far as base game action goes, that’s about it. Players can wager up to $30 per spin, which is a little on the low side, but otherwise it pays out fairly dependably and players can genuinely win a fair amount without activating the bonus game – unlike most slots nowadays!

The Free Spins Round

Of course there’s one symbol we forgot to mention, but you needn’t worry – there is of course a free spin symbol just waiting to be played! If you manage to land 3 scatters during a single spin, you’ll activate the bonus round and have a generous helping of 10 free spins to play with.

Landing extra sets of scatters during the free spins round will retrigger a batch of 5 spins, so you could unlock up to 15 if your luck is in. Thanks to the powerful stacked wilds, the free spins game can end up paying pretty generously. It’s not guaranteed like some slots, but you’d have to have a poor run of form to lose out on a nice payday. The bonus round plays exactly like the base game.

Our Verdict

Simple, to the point, and effective. Exotic Cats doesn’t pretend to be a fancy-pants blockbuster slot, but instead offers players an honest and reliable gaming experience. You could strike it rich with a free spins round (or a screenful of wilds) at $30, which means the game shouldn’t be beneath the notice of any player.

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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