Explore Ancient Egypt with Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age


Travel back through time to unlock the riches hidden by the ancient Egyptians during their Golden Age. Untold treasures are waiting to be found: are you the brave adventurer who will dare to brave the wonders collected by pharaohs and hidden for the Egyptian gods?

A pretty standard 5×3 slot from Playson, there are 15 unique paylines active at all times, and the soundtrack sounds like the classic snake-charming melody we see all the time in popular fiction. Oriental rhythms and assorted other instruments bring things to a crescendo for the winning combinations!

In the mood for good graphics, some fun special features, and the chance to earn some cash? Read on!


The theme revolves around ancient Egyptian culture, and involves many prototypical symbols from that period like the pharaoh, Cleopatra, and many different Egyptian gods.

Gameplay and Layout

The slot is set in front of an animated background filled with accurate details of ancient Egypt. First of all, there are gold coins and jewelry at the bottom of the screen. You can also see palm trees waving in the warm wind, and the distant background is reserved for the grand pyramids of that time.

The slot is edged by traditional Egyptian decorations, and the various paylines are etched into the edges. The minimum bet is $0.30 and the maximum is $105: this is a bit arbitrary, for sure, but it’s a generous enough sum to entice all sorts of players! The game’s symbols include:

  • The Bonus symbol
  • A Wild
  • The Pharaoh
  • Cleopatra
  • A Bird
  • A Snake

Special Features

Spreading Bonus

Landing a bonus symbol will trigger the Spreading Bonus Feature! These affect all the low-value symbols by transforming them into Bonus symbols! This goes on until all of the low-value symbols have been changed, leading to (hopefully) a spread of generous payouts!

Sun Compass

Occasionally, after a spin, one of the symbols will randomly start to glow, and then transform into a Sun Compass. This starts spinning, and then points in one direction: up, down, left or right.

If there are low-value symbols in the direction where the compass points, they are all converted into higher-value symbols and contribute to bigger wins!

Ultimate Win

By filling the whole screen with one unique symbol, players unlock the “Ultimate Win”, which is $750 straight into the bank!

Our Verdict

The Sun Compass feature is definitely a winner for us! While it’s not a slot which will cause players’ jaws to hit the floor, it’s a fun game with some really nice bonus features. Onwards and upwards, Playson! 

Want to roll in Green? Claim C$1200!
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