Explore the Beauty of Easter Island, Thanks to Yggdrasil


Explore the Beauty of Easter Island, Thanks to Yggdrasil

Written by Daniel Wilson
May 9, 2018

Welcome to Easter Island!

And what a welcome it is. If you haven’t had a go at Easter Island yet, then it’s past time you check it out. Of course based on the incredible Moai statues found on Easter Island, this is a fun-for-all video slot, with exceptional graphics and even a few laugh-out-loud moments!

With a range of symbols, incredible protagonistic Moaii and unique special features, Easter Island is not a game you’re going to want to ignore. If you’re in the market for a good time, and possibly a huge dollop of prize money, then have a go on Easter Island


It’s just an incredibly fun, enjoyable game set on Easter Island, out in Polynesia. Honestly, it’s more like a video game or a Pixar movie than an online slot – the graphics are that good!


Base Gameplay & Design

Even from the very first moment, this game had us hooked. The unique loading screen gave way to an Ice Age-style animation, introducing us to the game’s main characters: the enormous, laughing Moai statues!

Once we enter the game proper, it’s those two manning the reels – and bobbing their heads along happily with the upbeat, poppy music. After every winning spin on a low-value symbol (and we should say this is a very high volatility game) the left-hand statue sucks in a bunch of mixed symbols, and his partner blows in a host of matching ones for a respin.

Needless to say, this tends to return a decent payout. The whole slot is incredibly bright and vibrant, and these perpetually-moving characters are a delight to play with. Maximum bet is $200, and you could easily return tens of thousands with a good spin! And we haven’t even touched on the special features yet…

Special Features

In addition to the symbol-swap respin we mentioned, there’s an even better respin when players land a winning animal combination: all animals on the screen will change to this specific animal, and we get another respin. The results, rare as it is, are usually very good.

Of course, all of these respins take place on the standard 3-row reels. However, if players win across 4 reels at once, their respin takes place on an expanded 5-row screen! And, if you can manage a win across all 5 reels, the screen expands to 7 rows, and 103 ways to win!

Our Verdict

We know that wins aren’t very common on Easter Island, but the game is so engaging that we’re happy to reduce our bet amount and keep going. The fact is that eventually you’ll land a win, and often they are sensational. From the pillar-protagonists to the bouncy soundtrack and expanding reels, we just loved this slot.

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