Explore the Wild Seas with a Brand New Video Slot from ELK


Explore the Wild Seas with a Brand New Video Slot from ELK

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 1, 2018

Ahoy there, matey! Don’t worry – this slot is a grown-up adventure, without the cheesiness you might expect from a cartoon pirate story. You’re going to set sail across the seas with Anne Bonny, notorious hellraiser and constant thorn in the side of good-natured merchant vessels!

Join this charismatic antihero on her quest to steal cargo from the arrogant rich and return it to the people. The reels are set above a map of the coastline and deep, sapphire-blue waters, while the symbols themselves contain the lead characters and a variety of coins.

There’s no denying the power of the story, but it’s not worth very much without the game mechanics to back it up. While the base game of Wild Seas is relatively timid, the bonus rounds pack a serious punch – you’re definitely playing for these profitable extras!


It’s all about the pirate’s life, looting treasure and throwing caution into the swirling wind. It’s an adventure game, and one that’s sure to pique the interest of most players.

Gameplay and Layout

After a cinematic opening scene which gives some background to the main story, we get to the reel setup. It’s fairly basic – a 5×5 grid which looks a bit squashed – but runs very smoothly. The symbols are set against a backdrop of deep blue sea and broken coast, which gives great depth to the visual.

The slot offers 178 ways to win, wagering limits of $0.20 and $100 and a standard jackpot of 1,500 coins! ELK has kept all of the coins, balance, and settings off-screen so everything stays nice and neat. Click the coins at the bottom-left to change coin value or choose a betting strategy. There’s another button to spin, one for autospin and the last to access general information.

There are very few high-value wins during the regular base game, but once you activate a bonus round, you’re in the money.

Unique Betting Strategies

Something we haven’t really seen before is the chance to activate automatic betting strategies, and they completely enhance the Wild Seas experience. Choose between:

  • Optimizer – Wager a percentage of your total balance every time: 1%, 2%, 5% or 10%. When your balance changes, so does your bet amount.
  • Leveller – Raise your bet 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses. After 10 consecutive losses, raise another two levels (aka 10x the base bet). Resets after a win.
  • Booster – Raise the bet 1 level after a loss, until reaching 4 levels above the base bet. Resets after a win.
  • Jumper – Raise the bet 1 level after every win. Resets after a loss.

As you can see, each strategy appeals to a different playing style, and adds a whole new dimensions to your game.

Our Verdict

While the base game does lack a bit of spice, the potential rewards from free spins and the specialist betting strategies do set Wild Seas apart from the competition. Thumbs up.

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