Eyecon's New Slot, Kitty Payout, is Designed for the Internet!

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Eyecon's New Slot, Kitty Payout, is Designed for the Internet!

Written by Daniel Wilson
March 29, 2018

The world of cats is a world of nonchalance, cute purrs, playfulness, and delight. This world is perfectly depicted in the game Kitty Payout, which combines the loveliness of these furry creatures with the lucrativeness of online slots. It is the perfect game for the lovers of cats and spins.

Like its sister game, Puggy Payout, the game lacks a soundtrack (which is a bit weird) but does feature sound effects which are triggered by clicking the spin button or hitting a winning combination. It’s a pretty standard 5×3 slot, with 25 user-controlled paylines.


The game is designed for cat lovers, there is no doubt. If you like cute little kittens and their furry friends, then you might just be at home with Kitty Payout.

Gameplay and Layout

The game is dominated by two colours – pink and blue. Both are soft and emphasise the cute animations which are incorporated into the slot. The blue slot perfectly contrasts the pink background, and the little kitty animations bring the whole game to life. The background is a spotted pink wall decorated with stuffed smiling toys and threads that kittens might play with.

The minimum wager is $0.01, and the maximum is capped at the relatively low $12.50. Symbols include the Kitty (the game’s scatter), the milk bowl (wild), a tuna can, mouse, and (for whatever reason) a necklace!

Special Features

Free Spins

The kitty symbol is the scatter, and by landing it during the base game, you can activate the free spins round. Free spins are what every online slot player hopes for, since they invariably mean huge payouts which can turn your day on its head. Here’s what you can unlock:

  • 15 free spins – 3 scatters in a single spin
  • 20 free spins – 4 scatters
  • 25 free spins – 5 scatters

What’s even better is that you can retrigger additional spins by landing more scatters during the bonus round. At the end of the day, you could end up winning hundreds of times your original stake, all thanks to these cute little kittens. The kittens don’t need to fall on a payline, as long as you get 3+ during a single spin.

Double or Nothing

Occasionally, players will be given the chance to gamble their winnings following a spin. By gambling, you get the chance to double your winnings free of charge- you can do this 5 times, up to a maximum of $32,000. However, get it wrong even once, and you’ll lose every single penny. Work the risk? That’s up to you!

Our Verdict

Kitty Payout is pretty much a carbon copy of Puggy Payout – as you’d expect from the names. They’re quite fun, entertaining slots, but not the kind of game you’re likely to get hooked on for hours. If you fancy a spot of light relief after a hard day’s work, maybe try Kitty Payout before graduating to a higher-octane game.

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