Find the Gold at the End of the Rainbow with Leprechaun Song!


Find the Gold at the End of the Rainbow with Leprechaun Song!

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 17, 2018

Shiver me timbers, tis a leprechaun I see! As you could no doubt guess, Leprechaun Song is all about that wonderful, mythical Irish trickster: the leprechaun! Decked out in green blazers and sporting fiery orange beards, leprechauns are a staple of Irish folklore. Their close association with shiny big pots of gold makes them particularly apt for use in online slots!

But will you find the gold at the end of your rainbow, or simply a cold, empty patch of grass? Read on to find out all about Leprechaun Song!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Welcome to the Ireland, a land of blue skies and pots of golden treasure! Well, some of the time anyway. In terms of graphics, Leprechaun Song is exceedingly basic: simply painted playing card symbols, and a few stereotypes: Guinness, a pipe, four-leafed clover, the leprechaun himself, and a pretty rainbow.

In terms of gambling, payouts are few, far between, and insignificant. During testing we rarely won as much as the wager amount, and even then it was sporadic. However, while the standard gameplay might not be electric, there are a few randomly-triggered features which turn everything around:

  • Raining Wilds – a handful of freshly-picked wilds will hurtle down from the sky, slot into the reels, and create a new payout!
  • Pick a Fiddle – Select one of the five instruments on-screen to win an instant cash bonus.
  • Giant Symbol – When these enormous 3×3 symbols smash their way onto the reels, it’s like Christmas come early!


Free Spins Round

The bonus round of Leprechaun Song is activated the usual way: land a scatter symbol (the big ol’ pot of gold) on reels 1, 3, and 5 simultaneously.

Once the free spins round has been triggered, it’s up to the player to arm themselves with as many spins as possible! Transported to a gorgeous field of multi-coloured mushrooms, it’s a click-and-collect round where each mushroom is worth a given number of spins, a higher multiplier, or even special symbols which enhance payouts.

One of the special rewards is the Giant Symbols feature: 3 spins with a 3×3 symbol guaranteed to land each time. This almost certainly means big money!

This kind of round can go either way: you either hit a combo which will transform your balance, or a relatively underwhelming ‘normal’ free spins round. Since the game tends to pay poorly during base play, you really need a high number of spins or a cracking multiplier to truly strike it rich.

Our Verdict

Leprechaun Song is a fun game. It’s very easy to play, and there is the potential to win a decent amount – though it’s not likely. If you’re in the market for big winnings (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then there are definitely better games out there!

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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