Funky Monkey Jackpot: A Big-Money Sequel to Playtech's Popular Slot

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Funky Monkey Jackpot: A Big-Money Sequel to Playtech's Popular Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
March 20, 2018

Funky Monkey Jackpot is a sequel to the original Funky Monkey slot game, with a cool progressive jackpot added. The slot is made to resemble classic slots. It has the same vibe that these old slots give off, and the animated lever and the oversized buttons fit the game’s style. 

There is no music in the game, just the bizarre special effects noises which are activated during spins. This classic-style slot is made by Playtech, has one single payline and no special features besides the jackpot.


The dominant theme is that of a jungle, with its protagonist being the Funky Monkey who appears all over the slot.

Gameplay and Layout

The first thing we notice is that everything is retro. You are basically a punter in a casino, with the background a bizarre collection of blurred purplish lights and the always-night-time vibe unique to land-based casinos. The upper left part of the slot machine is reserved for a huge monkey with sunglasses and the title of the slot – just in case you forget where you are!

With the simple graphics and the equally simple gameplay, this is a pretty uninspiring game. That said, classic slots is now quite a niche market: if that’s your style, then this could well be the slot for you. They are easy-to-grasp and relaxing. You won’t win often, but the prizes are quite generous. If you are looking for a complex slot with detailed graphics and animations, this is a definite a no-no for you.

Apart from the bet, autoplay, turbo mode, and spin buttons, there is also an area which shows the current jackpot prize and a chart of possible outcomes is drawn above it.

The minimum bet is $0.15 and the maximum is $1.20. The maximum win is 5000x of your bet. The RTP is 96.9%. Symbols include:

  • Funky Monkey (jackpot)
  • Drums
  • Palm Trees
  • Tents
  • Sunglasses
  • Bananas
  • 1Bar, 2Bar, 3Bar

Special Features

The classic slots do not have any special features, and this is no exception. The only special feature here is the Funky Monkey Jackpot which gives you a 5000x win or the current jackpot total. In order to get them, you need to get all three Funky Monkey symbols on the payline.

Other than that, it’s just basic, classic slots play.

Our Verdict

While there’s nothing wrong with classic 3×3 slots, we’ve really enjoyed new creations like Route 777: that same classic vibe, but with a few modern twists in the mix. Funky Monkey Jackpot lacks this diversity, but will no doubt still attract its own audience.

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