Gem Rocks is the Latest Creation from Slot Masters Yggdrasil

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Gem Rocks is the Latest Creation from Slot Masters Yggdrasil

Written by Daniel Wilson
April 4, 2018

Enter the mystical and colourful world of the gentle giant race. Their bodies are made of stone and their hearts are made of sparkling gems. The good news is that these big friendly giants will help you to win prizes! All you have to do is spin and set their hearts in order – what could be easier?

The soundtrack is a mixture of the epic and the fantastic, resembling that of high-fantasy shows and movies, and is accompanied by the deep, rumbling of the falling rocks. Gem Rocks is a 6×4 slot with 4096 paylines and Dropdown Wins: cascading symbols which disappear after every win, similar to respins! The slot is made by the world-famous iGaming software developer Yggdrasil.


A game about giant monsters made of rock, whose hearts are made of beautiful gems. It’s a simple, fun, and entertaining slot for all types of players.

Gameplay and Layout

Gem Rocks is very detailed and every element of the game has a nice, rocky texture to it. The reels and symbols are located on the face of grey-stone cave, decorated with (and apparently growing) crystals: the symbols themselves each contain a unique gem, with its own colour and shape. Furthermore, the animations are first-class. While everything seems a bit cartoonish, it all adds to the game’s charisma.

The game has a 96% RTP, and players can wager between $0.10 and $50 per spin. There’s also the option of hitting autoplay (you can set it to spin infinitely, though we don’t recommend this as if you forget, you may eventually lose all of your cash) and this works even if you switch browser, so you can listen for wins in the background!

Special Features

The Big Boys

Okay, so that’s not the official name of these symbols, but you know the ones we mean. During the main game, all of the symbols can appear in the form of 2×2 or 3×3 giant symbols. Once they become a part of the winning streak, they are destroyed and new symbols take their place.

Dropdown Wins

Whenever you spin and get a winning line, the winning symbols explode and the new symbols drop down, filling the empty spaces. If another winning combination is landed, the process repeats. A nice, simple way to accumulate wins!

The Gem Rock Feature

You can create your very own monster and bring it to life! For consecutive dropdown wins, the size of the monster grows:

  • 2 wins = 2×2 monster
  • 5 wins = 3×3 monster
  • 9 wins = 4×4 monster

The monster is made of identical symbols to those on the reels, meaning it can significantly increase your winnings. After the drop-down streak, it is placed somewhere in the reels, is transformed into the symbols, and then explodes into a million pieces!

Our Verdict

There’s something about the simplicity of Gem Rocks which is hugely appealing: it just works. Combined with the fun animations when the giants come to life, and the cumulative wins that are available, you’ve got yourself a top quality game.

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