GreenTube Releases Another Classic-Style Slot: Firebird

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GreenTube Releases Another Classic-Style Slot: Firebird

Written by Daniel Wilson
April 3, 2018

Get back to basics and enjoy the retro vibe of this classic slot, made for players who like simplicity and who want to relax as they spin. There is no soundtrack with this slot (which is definitely a bit unsettling if you’re not used to it!) and it is only equipped with a few sound effects that follow your spinning and winning.

It is an ordinary 3×3 slot with 5 paylines made by GreenTube. Unlike some other slots of this type, it does come with at least one special feature which can increase your wins significantly!


Although the slot is named Firebird and its logo is a blazing phoenix, there isn’t really any consistency with that: the game resembles your classic 3×3 slot, and it’s not particularly remarkable!

Gameplay and Layout

The simplicity of this slot is also visible in its design. The three reels are decorated with golden edges and the paylines are displayed next to the slot – basically the reels don’t take up much space! Furthermore, you can see all of the paylines criss-crossing around the reels at all times.

Above the slot, you can find the big “win” field where your winnings are displayed in the old digital-clock style. Excitingly, there are two fancy buttons which come into play during the special feature: the diamond and a club buttons.

The game’s symbols include stars, 7s, watermelons, bells, plums and cherries – like we said, it’s a classic slot. Players can wager up to $50 on every spin.

Special Feature

Double or Nothing

While it doesn’t compare to what’s offered by modern video slots, Firebird does offer players one special feature: double or nothing. This feature isn’t new, and you’ll find it in plenty of older games. After a win, you can hit the “double or nothing” button and flip a coin:

  • If you call the right side, you double your money for free!
  • If you get it wrong, you leave with nothing.

When you guess correctly, you get another chance to double your money. This streak continues for quite some time, so you could turn $100 into $1,000 in the blink of an eye – but be careful, this is complete chance!

Our Verdict

There’s nothing wrong with Firebird as a game: it’s a pleasant design, and has a cool “double or nothing” feature for the adventurous players. If you enjoy classic slots, then give her a whirl. If you’re more into advanced slots, then it’s probably worth giving Firebird a miss.

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