Help Combat Problem Gambling with LeoSafePlay, A New Initiative


Help Combat Problem Gambling with LeoSafePlay, A New Initiative

Written by Daniel Wilson
November 23, 2017

As the popularity of online casino continues to climb skyward, the number of problem gambling cases is also on the rise. As with all things, the online casino should always be enjoyed in moderation, but LeoVegas understands that addiction is rarely so easily controlled.

Their new initiative – known as LeoSafePlay – is designed not only to help players identify signs of problem gambling but also to help them overcome the barrier entirely!

If you’ve ever felt the pressures of gambling become overbearing and haven’t known where to turn, perhaps this new system by LeoVegas will be the answer.

What Is LeoSafePlay?

LeoVegas has stated that responsible gambling is “one of the major pillars on which the company was built”, and that this is yet another step in the right direction for helping to manage addiction. For example, there is a self-assessment tool which can be used by players to analyse their own playing habits or identify common trends among problem gamblers.

Since LeoSafePlay is not hosted directly on the LeoVegas website, you don’t have to be registered player to benefit. The platform will be jam-packed with tools and services which are specifically designed to help players who are (or fear they one day will be) suffering from problem gambling.

A Personal Investment

A spokesperson for LeoVegas – their Head of Customer Support, Noel Zammit – said:

“At LeoVegas, we are dedicated to the duty of care we owe to our customers to help them play safely and responsibly. We are proud to be transparent on our stance in promoting responsible gambling and believe by tackling the issues head-on through LeoSafePlay, we can help ensure gaming remains fun for our customers.”

With such enormous casinos as LeoVegas making real strides towards battling gambling addiction, the future appears bright for those to whom problem gambling is a real and serious threat.

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