Join the Dark Knight Himself with Playtech's New Slot: Batman Begins

Join the Dark Knight Himself with Playtech's New Slot: Batman Begins

Written by Daniel Wilson
January 24, 2018

When the movie was released way back in 2005, it was a global sensation. Christian Bale’s dystopian portrayal of Bruce Wayne was groundbreaking, and it’s long past time that this pop culture classic was converted into a high-paying online slot.

Finally the wait is over!

The slot stars most of the main cast from the movie (including Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy and Katie Holmes) as symbols, but there are also small clips from the movie. Set high in the snowy mountains (ring any bells?), the game is actually quite attractive – far more so than the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice slot!


If you’re a fan of the movie, you’ll notice all sorts of easter eggs and shout-outs to it. The scenery, characters and aggressive soundtrack all take us back to Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece.

Gameplay and Layout

Batman Begins is far and away the best-looking Marvel or DC slot we’ve seen in quite some time. It’s not got the deep graphic quality of a Netent game, but it is polished, crisp and tastefully done. The character symbols are realistic, the buttons have that futuristic Bruce Wayne vibe, and the gently snowing background is a nod to the detail-oriented developers.

The slot is a classic 5-reeler, with 15 symbols and 20 paylines. You can wager anywhere from $0.20 and $200 on a single spin, and with a 95% RTP, it’s a medium variance game. The big wins are big, but they aren’t too common.

Special Features

There are plenty of cool additions to the base game which give Batman Begins some advantages over rival games. Whenever Batman lands in the centre square, it expands to a 3-tier stacked wild. When Dr. Jonathan Crane (aka Scarecrow) or Bruce Wayne occupy that square, they increase their power bars above the slots.

When filled, this advances you to a new round with different, exciting wilds! In Wayne Manor, there are explosive wilds which multiply across the reels. There are various different progressive jackpots available too. All this means you can play the game on repeat for hours without boredom!

Our Verdict

The main selling point of any DC, Marvel or other pop culture-inspired video slot is, of course, the original movie. Without the blockbuster characters, however, Batman Begins is still a fundamentally solid game: there are interesting bonuses, smooth animations and impressive graphics. All in all, we’re considerably impressed!

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