Joker Strike: A High-Risk, High-Reward Slot from Quickspin

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Joker Strike: A High-Risk, High-Reward Slot from Quickspin

Written by Daniel Wilson
May 22, 2018

Joker Strike is one of those games which you feel you can size up just by looking at a picture of the reels: classic-style, probably quite volatile, probably with a funky, mildly irritating soundtrack. If that’s your assertion, then you’re actually not far off the mark.

However, this slot does have a few cool features which will appeal to a specific brand of player. It’s the first slot by Quickspin to offer its “Hi Roller” feature, something that really sets it apart from the rest of the market.


Styled like a classic slot, but with the unique features brought by modern designers, this game is actually quite hard to place.


With Joker Strike, there are no special bonus rounds or free games in the traditional sense. Fortunately, there are cool bonuses to be harnessed within the base game, and which will keep players on tenterhooks!

The reel layout is quite interesting: it’s a standard 5×3 setup, but with a perimeter of shaded-out symbols around its edge which we’ll get to in a second. The symbols are pretty basic (playing card suits, diamonds, 7s, bells, stars, jokers) but a good feature is the “Fast Play” mode which means you can rattle through your spins!

Aesthetically, there’s not much to shout about. Instead, let’s talk about the “Strike” feature.


Remember that grid of symbols surrounding the reels? Well, for every winning spin you make, a few of those winning symbols appear dotted throughout the perimeter. Then, a scrolling box rattles around, eventually settling on one particular symbol: if it lands on an illuminated symbol, then you get a respin with a flurry of that symbol appearing on the reels! If it hits a shaded symbol, the spin ends.

Long story short, you’re almost guaranteed a big old win if you hit the right symbol. Of course, if you can land on a wild during this round, then you’re effectively guaranteed a major payout. The game is extremely volatile, and the vast majority of scrolling boxes land on nothing, so be careful.

Hi Roller

A new feature, players can make specific high-value bets, for $20, $30, or $50:

  • $20 bet – 5 spins, plus a guaranteed wild each time.
  • $30 bet – 5 spins, guaranteed wild, plus wilds during the “strike” feature
  • $50 bet – All of the above, but two scrolling boxes during the strike round

The jury’s still out on whether you’re more or less likely to make a profit during this round than base gameplay, but it’s certainly more exciting than watching endless spins drift by without a major payout.

Our Verdict

Classic-inspired games can sometimes be difficult to get behind: they’re often slow and clunky, with sparse special features and very little to get truly excited about. Joker Strike is cut from different cloth, however, and we found it pretty enjoyable. We won’t lie, the Strike round can be incredibly frustrating (it rarely lands where you want it to) but the tension of it did keep us coming back for more!

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