Kaiju, the Dystopic, Exhilarating New Slot from ELK Studios

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Kaiju, the Dystopic, Exhilarating New Slot from ELK Studios

Written by Daniel Wilson
April 19, 2018

Kaiju is a genre of Japanese film and anime that usually features a huge monster attacking a city. Remember Godzilla? This slot follows the life of a female cyborg called HR-42, who is seeking refuge in a futuristic town, somewhere out in the islands of the Pacific ocean. But that’s enough backstory.

The game’s soundtrack is an orchestra of futuristic synths, with seriously dark and foreboding undertones, as befits a world ravaged by enormous monsters. However, players can earn thousands of bucks from a single spin. Enter the dystopian world created by ELK Studios at your peril!


This game is pure dystopian science-fiction, combined with the Kaiju genre and Japanese anime.

Gameplay and Layout

Kaiju looks like something from the imagination of Netflix’s creative director: it’s an ultra-advanced future city, with high-rises on all sides and the desolate scenes of somewhere that looks like it’s faced an apocalypse. Lightning flashes in the sky, and the whole scene is cast in a dreary, miserable blue light.

In the midst of it all are the reels, a barely-visible holographic panel with symbols made up of various credit cards, crystals, and our protagonist’s face. There’s even a secret row of wild symbols which is triggered when you make a winning combination from left-to-right, and this sits above the regular symbols: these can pack a serious punch and add a huge amount to your winnings.

Players can wager between $0.20 and $100 per spin.

Special Features

Vertical Lasers

Even if players don’t hit a winning combination initially, it’s still possible to make some magic happen. Every time 3 symbols form a vertical path from the top to the bottom of the reels, a shot of electricity bolts through them, and a new wild appears in a secret, hidden row above the reels! If this triggers a new winning combination, then the payout is all yours!

Kaiju Battle Bonus Game

When you collect the 3 HA-42 symbols, you will begin the Kaiju Battle Bonus Game! First of all, this gives you 7 free spins. Result! Thereafter this round allows you to combat Kaiju opponents, earn more free spins, and of course, generate some meaty payouts. The vertical lasers behave differently during this round, and there are three possible bonuses:

  • Reel Expansion – The vertically-connected symbols reveal a wild which remains visible during the free spins
  • Hotspot Activation – If there is a hotspot in the vertical line, all the symbols in that vertical are turned into wilds
  • Sticky Wilds – when the last hotspot is activated by a vertical laser, it is turned into sticky wilds which remain activated as long as there are free spins.

Our Verdict

Kaiju definitely hits its target audience! It’s dark, mysterious and has giant monsters – inner nerd’s hunger satisfied! ELK Studios did a top job on both the atmosphere and gameplay, and it’s cutting-edge special features are excellent. 

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