Microgaming Releases a Strong New Online Slot: Super Sumo!


Microgaming Releases a Strong New Online Slot: Super Sumo!

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 25, 2018

The trouble with some Microgaming releases in recent months has been graphics quality: they seemed to regularly prioritise producing anything over something of quality. Super Sumo is a step in a better direction.

The graphics quality is pretty good (though nothing too adventurous) while the actual gameplay is fun, inviting, and hugely enjoyable. Despite a lack of blockbuster payouts, Microgaming’s latest low-medium RTP game did bring a few smiles to our faces; read on to get the full review!


It’s a fairly classic cartoon game: silly characters, fun music and sound effects, and the occasional good payout. Super Sumo isn’t as massive as some Microgaming slots, but it can pack a fairly meaty punch.

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

As is the case with virtually every Asian-themed game to be made in the last 10 years, Super Sumo comes with a classic, jingling “oriental soundtrack”, completely unremarkable in every possible way. But hey – it’s Asian, right?

The game is actually a lot more fun than that pet peeve suggests. The main characters are a bunch of small sumo wrestlers taking up a surprising variety of poses. There’s the angry one, sad, stubborn, and the last one is the…. modest wrestler? He appears to be naked, and hiding his junk!

When you land a winning combination with the sumo wrestlers, they get all animated and jump around – it’s genuinely a very enjoyable game. But how are the payouts?

We’d put this down as a low-medium variance game. We only encountered one genuinely big win (during the free spins round) but otherwise we won small amounts of a regular basis. While you can theoretically win 500x your stake on any spin, you should set your expectations considerably lower.

One cool base game feature is that if you land 2 or more wilds in a single spin, you will automatically trigger a respin with a sticky wild. Land more wilds and the respins continue indefinitely!

Special Features

The bonus round is, quite frankly, terrifying. One of the sumos grows to his full size, acting as a stacked wild for the duration of the feature. However, he also dances…provocatively, in a strangely (and hauntingly) erotic manner.

If you can survive his wild thrusting without closing down your computer, then the rest of the round is quite enjoyable! The music funks up a bit, and you get 10 spins which is about average. Unfortunately the payout for this round seems pretty hit-or-miss. We found it quite easy to activate, which might explain why the payouts aren’t always very high.

For example, we triggered payouts of between 6x and 50x; safe to say we wouldn’t be impressed if we got the 6x one with real cash! You activate the round the usual way, by landing a scatter symbol on reels 1, 3, and 5.

Our Verdict

As we said in the introduction, the game is pretty good. It’s better than a lot of recent efforts by Microgaming, though a fair way short of Yeti Battle of Greenhat Peak in the fun, breezy cartoon category!

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