A Modern Take on the Classic Game: Jester Spins


A Modern Take on the Classic Game: Jester Spins

Written by Daniel Wilson
August 15, 2018

Red Tiger Gaming has released a flurry of new games in the past month or so, and Jester Spins is the latest of them. With its classic look and neon lighting, we think we already know what to expect from this one! It does boast a free spins round and up to a 500x payout, so hopefully it can throw a few curve balls and impress us!


It looks and feels like your average classic slot: fast spins, zippy soundtrack, and lots of neon lighting. If you’re in the market for something complex or original, look away now!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Credit where credit’s due, this game looks pretty hot out the box. It’s bright and crisp, with HD graphics and an energetic (but not mind numbing) soundtrack that might just perk you up a little. The symbols are what we’ve come to expect – bells, cherries, grapes, plums, etc – and of course a few jokers acting as bonus symbols.

You need 3 on a payline in order to trigger a payout, so even two stacked reels won’t yield any benefit without something on the 3rd; there are no wilds. Players can wager between $0.40 and $40 per spin, so triggering the maximum 500x wager would be gigantic – though from our testing, also exceptionally fortunate.

Special Features

The only real special feature in Jester Spins is the bonus game, where players are awarded 10 free spins for landing all 3 bonus symbols on a single spin. There is a lot of  landing 1-2 bonus tiles, but actually landing all 3 seems to take a lot of effort. Unfortunately, once that reward has been arduously obtained, the bonus round is largely a waste of time.

Why? Because you’re guaranteed a Bonus symbol on every spin (which make regular payouts much harder) but the odds of landing 3 (or even 2) of them are slim. Two bonus symbols pays “up to 50x” in the bonus round, though we never got past 12x; three symbols theoretically pays up to 500x. We landed 3 Jokers once, but only received 18x stake…pretty unimpressive showing from Red Tiger here!

Our Verdict

While the game plays pretty quickly, there aren’t many other redeeming features. In terms of aesthetic and animation Jester Spins is quite pleasing, but the lack of wins is really disheartening. You can easily go 40-50 spins without winning a penny, which, when the bonus round lacks any real firepower, will definitely alienate players.

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