Monopoly on the Money - A New Online Slot from Barcrest


Monopoly on the Money - A New Online Slot from Barcrest

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 12, 2018

If you don’t know the global sensation Monopoly and all of its variations, then you’re either too young for online casino or you’ve hidden under a rock for 20-30 years! Seriously though, Monopoly may be passed its heyday on the board game scene, but its name still holds enough stock to turn heads today!

This latest slot by Barcrest features all the key elements you remember from the board game, from the tiny dog, to the community chest and the jail! While the game obviously depends on the Monopoly brand to generate interest, the underlying slot is still solidly designed.

All in all, it looks like Barcrest have managed to create a good game, with huge maximum payouts and a catchy swing soundtrack.

Theme and Graphic Design

The game simply exudes class. From the grey-black background, to the lightly glowing gold frame and fiery red reels, everything is tastefully done. In particular, the golden playing pieces are superb against the red backdrop.

With silence between spins and a full brass band during, you can leave the reels a few minutes without the soundtrack driving you crazy – a problem experienced by many slots players!

Gameplay and Layout

Since there’s no music playing between spins on Monopoly on the Money, it’s quite a shock when the band starts blaring as you hit “spin” – make sure your volume isn’t too high! It’s a 5-reel, 10-payline game and, based on our testing, is very high volatility.

With 5 playing card symbols, 3 stacks of cash and 3 playing pieces (the dog, cat and hat) plus scatter and wild symbols, there’s a lot going on. Regular base game wins are rare, but the bonus rounds offer quite substantial payouts.

The Monopoly on the Money symbol is the highest paying in the game, worth 2,000 coins for 5 on a single payline. After 30 minutes of testing, I never saw more than 1 at a time, but it only needs to happen once! The playing pieces are the next most valuable (1,000 coins or the top hat, 500 for the others) then the stacks of cash.

Free Spins Round

By landing 3+ scatters on a single payline, you’re offered a chance to complete some free spins. However, you can accept the initial offer (usually between 6-10 spins), or “gamble” for more, and risk losing them all.

Once you’re into your spins, cross your fingers for the Monopoly Man. When he and any stacks of cash appear on the reels, he gathers all of their multipliers, adds them together and applies them to your bet amount – you can easily get 50-100 times your bet amount from 10 spins!

Big Bet

As with most Barcrest games, there’s a Big Bet feature which allows you to choose between 4 different modes with £20-50 bets. It’s a neat idea, and introduces some classic Monopoly features (like houses and hotels) but the win rate is appallingly low.

We found it more beneficial to play the base game and hope for those free spins to come back around.

Our Verdict

While the infrequent wins on Monopoly on the Money are undoubtedly frustrating, we once won 60x our stake with just 2 free spins. If you have the patience, and enjoy the soundtrack, then it could be a great option for you!

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