New Classic Slot Radar: Big Win Cat by Play 'N Go


New Classic Slot Radar: Big Win Cat by Play 'N Go

Written by Daniel Wilson
March 1, 2018

Play ‘N Go is one of the world’s most prolific online slot producers. They’re always working on a range of projects, pushing boundaries and releasing a steady stream of new, exciting games for its player base to enjoy.

The latest in that line of slots is Big Win Cat, a Chinese-themed, classic-style slot designed for modern gamblers. The game opens with a bright, oriental soundtrack and a deluge of cute, endearing little animals.


As well as convincing you to get a pet, the slot shows off its artistic chops. The game is expertly designed, focusing 98% of its energy on the reels and all the action – the remaining 2% is spent on the hazy, blurred background.

The symbols are attractive, but it’s the regular and high-value wins which will really bind players to the game. You can trigger respins, and the game’s biggest wins are also put through a 1x-10x multiplier, which can return thousands of dollars if you’re playing with high stakes.


It’s all about the cute little animal with Big Win Cat. As an online game, this is sure to resonate with the serial cat video lovers out there! The game comes across as fun, light and entertaining, and that’s exactly how it plays.

Base Gameplay

Even before the first spin, Big Win Cat tells you what it’s all about. The soundtrack kicks in – bright, airy and oriental – and the happy, energetic characters stare back at you from the reels. It’s a feel-good game, from start to finish.

It’s a classic-style slot, which means 3 reels and only 5 paylines. Classic slots can be frustrating for many players because of their low payout rate, and the size of those payouts. Big Win Cat gets around this by offer a healthy RTP, and by introducing a few tweaks to the original formula!

Players can wager between 5 cents and $100 on each spin, and need 3-of-a-kind in order to generate a payout! The classic Asian “beckoning cat” is the game’s wild symbol, and substitutes for any other symbol if it will create a winning combination!

Bonus Features

There are two cool features which enhance gameplay in Big Win Cat. The first is a single reel respin: if you land two stacked reels of the same symbol (including wilds), then the 3rd reel will spin again, attempting to match with your existing symbols. This can turn “nearly” into “jackpot” in a single spin!

If you fill the screen with a unique symbol (again, including wilds) then you progress to the wheel of fortune. The cat spins the wheel, and it lands on a multiplier, anywhere from 1x to 10x your winnings.

Since a full screen already means a big win, these can become stratospheric!

Our Verdict

Many classic slot developers struggle to balance the simplicity of 3-reel games with the video slot dynamism expected by modern gamblers. Play ‘N Go, for this game at least, appears to have found the winning formula. We give it two big, feline thumbs up!

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