New "Halloween" Slot from Microgaming Based off the 1978 Slasher Classic


New "Halloween" Slot from Microgaming Based off the 1978 Slasher Classic

Written by Daniel Wilson
October 15, 2017

It’s been nearly 55 years since that fateful day in Haddonfield, Illinois, and now Michael Myers is back once more…

Halloween, for those who don’t know, is a horror movie created in the late 1970’s, starring sociopathic mass-murderer Michael Myers. With his dead-looking white mask, navy jumpsuit and that huge knife, Myers is something of a cult legend – and pretty terrifying.

In the latest of a sweep of pop culture creations, Microgaming has obtained all the rights to create this brand-new, creepy adaptation of the movie. Featuring all the main characters, iconic scenes and real sound bites, Halloween is sure to be a hit with cult fans and newbies alike. Check out the gameplay trailer below.

Graphics, Sound and Movie References

The first thing you’ll notice is the soundtrack: note for note, Microgaming have included the slow music that has sent shivers up a generation of spines. Hit the bonus round, and you get the terrifying up-tempo piano music. Combined with the great graphics and chilling soundbites from the movie, this game has more atmosphere than virtually all of the today’s favourite games.


There are two cool aspects to the game. One, there’s a 4×3 section of wandering reels filled with both regular symbols and full-sized jumbo symbols of the main characters. These reels can move anywhere, and if the regular symbols match with a jumbo, then you’re in for a big payday.

Secondly, landing 3+ “bonus” symbols on a single spin will open up the Wheel. You’ll get a couple of spins, landing on either multipliers (1x-10x) or a character-based bonus free spin round! Long story short, you could be betting penny stakes and still make a killer profit here.

Where to Play

Microgaming slots can be found at most casinos across Canada, but our favourite has to be Dunder.

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