New "Highlander" Slot to be Released at Microgaming Casinos


New "Highlander" Slot to be Released at Microgaming Casinos

Written by Daniel Wilson
October 25, 2017

Despite Christopher Lambert’s appalling Scottish accent (he was an American-born Frenchman after all…) Highlander was a huge commercial success and has gone on to inspire a cult following in the last few decades. Three movies, a TV series and all sorts of fan fiction later, it remains an iconic movie among fans – in two weeks, it will even become an online video slot!

Made by Microgaming with special licensing permission from Creative Licensing, the slot features most of the main characters alongside “blistering guitar tracks” – we aren’t sure yet whether or not Sean Connery will appear on the reels, however.

One thing’s for sure – if you enjoyed the movie, you’ll love the slot!

 A Few Words from Microgaming

The whole Microgaming team is behind this project, and everyone at HQ is excited to see it launched in two weeks! The Microgaming Games Publisher, David Reynolds, said that:

“Highlander is a fantastic brand, and the game studio is busy completing the slot that captures the entire movie magic. The game’s features will incorporate the historical Scottish Highlands and gritty New York City, with a classic movie poster art style and blistering guitar tracks.”

Release Date

The game is scheduled for wide-scale release on December 6th. Other than the fact that most of the main cast will feature, we know very little about the game – that’s what makes it so exciting! We’re expecting a very smooth game, though probably quite basic in terms of mechanics and animation.

Where to Play

You’ll be able to play Highlander at all Microgaming casinos, but we recommend Royal Vegas if you aren’t sure where to start! They have a gigantic welcome bonus and always treat their players well – have fun, and good luck!

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