New from Red Tiger Gaming, it’s Totem Lightning: Power Reels


New from Red Tiger Gaming, it’s Totem Lightning: Power Reels

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 6, 2018

Totem Lightning: Power Reels is a new slot from Red Tiger Gaming. Breaking away from their usual design, Totem Lightning uses a series of 8 vertical columns and cascading symbols to get its symbols on-screen. The game offers up potentially earth-shattering wins, but without any special ‘bonus rounds’, some players may be put off.

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Gameplay Overview & Symbols

The big positive for Totem Lightning straight off the bat is that it’s fast. There are 8 reels and 30 paylines, and a slow cascade would have been tiresome. Players can wager up to $20 per spin, and the most valuable symbols is the gold and blue eagle totem, worth up to 150x your stake.

The most notable base game feature of Totem Lightning is the fact that when low-value symbol combos are made, every instance of that symbol is eliminated from the screen. New symbols fall into place and can form a new winning combo. If you hit a winning streak and manage to remove several low-value symbols, then the odds of striking valuable combinations increases significantly!

Unfortunately, it appears this is offset by the inclusion of a lot of low-value symbols on every spin. This means your average win is very low and insignificant – you need to hit a good run in order to make valuable contributions to your balance.

Additionally, the game doesn’t use a cluster pays technique for managing wins. Instead, there are quite obscure paylines tracing themselves across the screen. This means that you can have a group of 10 adjacent symbols, of any value, and get no reward – as you can imagine this takes a bit of getting used to!

If you manage to land a screenful of the highest-paying symbol, you’ll be rewarded to the tune of 7,777x times your stake – though don’t bank on it!

One valuable in-game feature is the Reel Strike. Activated completely at random, the lightning attacks lone symbols and transforms them into a matching one – usually to conjure up a payout!

Our Verdict

While Totem Lightning does offer some promising returns for high-value combos, the reality is that it’s a little too one-dimensional to cut the mustard with modern players. At the very least they need to jack up the maximum wager to something more respectable than $20.

There are no special features (barring the occasional lightning strikes) and so the game quickly becomes a bit repetitive; you know there’s nothing big to unlock, and so it’s easy to get bored.

Totem Lightning isn’t a bad game by any stretch, but it won’t be entering the hall of fame anytime soon!

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