New Slot Release from Netent: Cosmic Eclipse

Cosmic Eclipse Slot

New Slot Release from Netent: Cosmic Eclipse

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 6, 2018

Netent is one of the world’s biggest online casino brands, known for everything from masterful video slots to the world’s largest live casino platform. Well, we have the pleasure of announcing another top-tier title which has just been released: Cosmic Eclipse.

The game is set out in the distant reaches of the universe, adjacent to a massive, swirling black hole – but more on that later. From the symbols, to the subtly animated background and the engaging sound effects, Netent has crafted a game which is simultaneously understated and ultra-modern.

While the regular base game is a bit dry, the black hole bonus feature is a complete showstopper. If you’re in the market for a new online slot which offers simplicity, great animation and enormous payouts, then Cosmic Eclipse could be the one for you!


Set in the farthest reaches of space, the game takes a lighthearted view of the universe. It’s funky music, robotic chimes and wacky planets and gems all the way. To be honest, the theme is pretty much just “fun times in space with big payouts”. It’s great!

Gameplay and Layout

Cosmic Eclipse is a 5-reel, 10-payline game in a pretty classic layout. There are a bunch of artistic symbols: a variety of planets and gems, each worth a different amount. The exploding sun (at least that’s what it looks like) is the highest-value symbol, worth 600 coins if you get 5 in a row. The small amethyst-like gem is worth the least, at 30 coins for 5.

During base play, substantial wins are few and far between. You get the occasional 2-5x stake, but generally you can go 5-10 spins without so much as a buck. Don’t let this deter you: the bonus feature is well, well worth the wait. We recommend lowering your bet amount so that you can go 50 rounds or so without going bankrupt.

Trust us, the potential reward is worth the patience!

Black Hole Feature

This is the only special round in the game, but it’s a doozy. There’s a unique symbol on reel 5: the black hole. When this lands during the base game, it activates the dormant black hole to the side of the reels. Then the fun begins.

Your symbol transforms into one of the planets or gems, and then all of its matching symbols are sucked into the black hole! You then get a respin, and any instances of that symbol which reappear are again sucked into the hole. Every time there’s a symbol taken from the reels, a respin is earned.

The round ends when 15 symbols are collected, or no matches appear on the reels. They are all then flooded back onto the empty reels, creating a massive win. This can be up to 600x your initial stake!

Our Verdict

As we’ve said, the base game is a bit underwhelming. However, the black hole feature is one of the most impressive bonus rounds we’ve ever seen, and we can’t help but recommend this slot to anyone who will listen!

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