With the New "Sun Wukong" Slot at BGO, You Become The Monkey King


With the New "Sun Wukong" Slot at BGO, You Become The Monkey King

Written by Daniel Wilson
October 5, 2017

If you haven’t seen the 2014 movie (and we recommend you don’t) and aren’t familiar with ancient Chinese folklore, you may never have heard of the Monkey King or Sun Wukong. If you’ve seen the popular Japanese TV show Monkey, however, then you know what you’re in for!

This brand-new slot from Playtech lets you join a ragtag group of heroes – Tripitaka, Pigsy, Sandy – on their adventure for plunder. It’s a fun slot first and foremost, though there’s always the potential to win a huge payout thanks to its ongoing progressive jackpot and regular wins.

For a sneak peek at the game, check out the gameplay trailer below!


A regular old 5-reel, 15-payline slot, Sun Wukong is a bit of a deceiver: from the outside, it looks like any other game, and not overly enticing. However, once you get into the game and start spinning, it’s a whole other ball game.


The graphics are superbly done. While some new slots opt for a futuristic glow, innovative spinning and everything with bells and whistles, Sun Wukong chooses simplicity and class. Every character is expertly depicted, the reels are smooth and the backdrop to the game is a stunning piece of art unto itself.

Bonus Features

This is where things get truly interesting. If you land 3 scatter symbols (the Sun Wukong ones) on a single spin, you get to choose your bonus. There are 3 free spins rounds as follows options:

  • Valley of the Sun – 20 free spins, all with a 2x multiplier!
  • Mountain of Fruit and Flowers – 10 spins, 4x multiplier – this is the “middle ground” option.
  • Kingdom of Heaven – 8 free spins, but a whopping 5x multiplier on each one.

More like Money King, am I right?

Where to Play

If you’re looking for Playtech slots, there’s only one place to go: BGO Casino! They’re one of our favourites, and they never disappoint their players. Enjoy!

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