Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited to Open North Bay Casino in 2020

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited to Open North Bay Casino in 2020

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited to Open North Bay Casino in 2020

Written by Daniel Wilson
December 12, 2018

It seems as though a new land-based casino could be coming to the North Bay area of Ontario in the first months of 2020. A specific location for this establishment, which is being brought forth by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited, is yet to be announced. Yet, documents have been filed with the necessary US Securities and Exchange Commission for a 37,000-square-foot building.

The building will play host to a Cascades Casino gambling operation. Of the space inside, a total of 14,100 square feet will be used as gaming space, incorporating both slot machine options and table games. At the same time, a MATCH Eatery and The Buffet restaurant will fill other areas of the establishment.

Figures suggest that the construction and overall project is set to reach a total cost of around $31.3 million. Gateway Casinos announced that the plans are still subject to the necessary approvals from the government and OLG.

As of now, the rumoured location for the casino is thought to be off Pinewood Park Drive, although spokesman for Gateway Casinos Rob Mitchell, did not confirm this.

Details Behind the Construction

Originally, it was thought that the casino would be constructed off Highway 17. However, the plots of land that are owned by the Orsi family are no longer being considered. And while a property near to Pinewood Park Drive has been prezoned by North Bay, Gateway Casinos has mentioned that this is not an ideal or preferred location for them.

A 20-year deal was signed between Gateway and OLG in 2017, to allow the former to operate the North Bundle. Gaming assets were then acquired from various locations, including Thunder Bay and Sudbury. The approval for the new casino construction in North Bay was joined by a second one for a construction within Kenora.

That being said, Gateway has expressed certain discontent about the plans for a $55.5 million casino in Sudbury. Due to various legal issues that have been launched against Kingsway Entertainment District, the project has suffered from a plentiful amount of uncertainty. Gateway does currently operate slot machines at the gambling site of the former Sudbury Downs. Yet, the main plan was to replace this with The Kingsway in 2020.

Because of the aforementioned legal issues though, it’s quite likely that a casino won’t be completed there in a timely fashion.

Gateway Casinos originally paid a sum of $79.35 million to the government of Ontario, for the Northern Bundle. This includes the existing casino sites of Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, as well as the new facilities within Sudbury, Kenora and North Bay.