Piggy Pirates: The Most Menacing Pork on the High Seas


Piggy Pirates: The Most Menacing Pork on the High Seas

Written by Daniel Wilson
September 23, 2018

Piggy Pirates is the kind of fun, harmless, and afternoon-filling slot most of us are searching for! With its cartoonish design and upbeat jingles, it’s enjoyable to play even when the wins aren’t coming your way. Which, given its very high volatility, is not an uncommon scenario!

Ready to learn about these swashbuckling suids? Read on, matey!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Set between two ships on the high seas, the Piggy Pirates reels are a simple 6×4 design. The symbols are classic seafaring objects, including maps, jewels, bags of gold, anchors, rum, and slightly less naturally, pigs. The chest full of treasure is the highest-paying normal symbol, worth up to 50x stake for 6 in a row.

If you manage to land the game’s wild six at once, however, then you’re in for a treat: 100x stake! What you’re really playing for, however, are the pigs. These crazy little pigs are the game’s scatter symbol, and are used to activate the bonus round – more on that later!

The general gameplay is really enjoyable. You can hold down spacebar to accelerate spins to rapid mode (no messing around!) while the sound effects, catchy jingles, and occasionally stunning payouts make it all even more worthwhile.

Special Features

As with most extremely volatile slots, Piggy Pirates is all about the free spins round. First thing you’ve got to do is trigger the bonus, and that means landing 3 piggies on the reels at once! You can get a big tactical here. Whenever a piggy lands on the reels, it starts walking after every spin towards the furthest edge of the screen – during that time, you get the chance to land further pigs and trigger the bonus. Sometimes they even fall asleep, offering more opportunity to land new pigs.

Warning: if you increase your wager after landing 1-2 pigs, you will LOSE the pigs, so don’t chance it. However, if you change back to the earlier denomination, you still have the pigs in play.

Once you get all 3, you are rewarded with unlimited free spins which are only ended when the dastardly Wolf appears on the reels. You’ll also notice that during the free spins round, wilds appear in the form of gold coins, and are collected in the piggy banks whenever they appear. These are counted up and, after the wolf blows up the bonus reels, you get one final mega spin where all of your coins and launched onto the reels for create a gigantic payout!

This round really superbly designed, great fun, and potentially extremely lucrative.

Our Verdict

Silly games like this are often considered a bit, well, silly. It’s true that Piggy Pirates is (obviously) not a straight-faced, serious game – but that’s not the point. It’s incredibly enjoyable to spin away with the piggies, and the plunder can be extraordinary. Give it a go!

147 Free Spins + $1000 Bonus!
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