Pixel Samurai: A Delightful Throwback to 8-Bit Gaming


Pixel Samurai: A Delightful Throwback to 8-Bit Gaming

Written by Daniel Wilson
July 12, 2018

When Playtech releases a new slot, it always makes the news. However, in 2018 so far it hasn’t always been for the right reasons. All we can say is that they’ve nailed it this time around: the characters are fun, the payouts are generous and regular, and we had a fantastic time playing.

Read on to learn all about Pixel Samurai and why you should be playing it!


Imagine you were in a 90’s arcade, playing an exciting game filled with tiny fighting ninjas and crazy sound effects – that is Pixel Samurai!

Gameplay Overview & Symbols

Pixel Samurai is one of those games which makes you think “Huh?” on first loading, but has you hooked after 5 minutes. We tested this one for a lot longer than usual, just because there was something irresistible about playing it.

The 90s-style pixelated game theme is everywhere, from the 8-bit background motion to the fuzzy text, and Playtech has absolutely nailed the design. The symbols are a collection of samurai warriors, and there isn’t a single playing card suit in sight!

The blue female Samurai is the highest-paying normal symbol, worth a whopping 5,000x your stake for 16+ adjacent symbols (there are 25 on-screen at once!) while there is an angry red fella who pays out 5,000x and a progressive jackpot if you land as many of him.

There are beeps and blips and explosions, and the characters make aggressive fighting noises between spins. If you’re in the mood for a game that is simultaneously charming and bizarre, then Pixel Samurai should be right up your street!

Special Features

Ready for the big reveal? There are no special features. And incredibly, it feels like the game benefits from that. There’s no doubt that Playtech could have made an arcade-style bonus round, taking advantage of the huge potential of the game’s theme, but no special features is better than bad special features.

Think about it. Because there isn’t a crazy bonus game, the payouts in the base game are both more frequent and higher value. Since it’s good fun to play, we’re happy enough without the extras!

Our Verdict

What we really liked about Pixel Samurai is that it didn’t make a huge fuss about anything. The game reacted in the same way for big and small wins, without any fanfare when a good payout came along – there was just something oddly refreshing about it.

The animation is fun and unique, and the payouts were regular and, we found, very rewarding. We recommend Pixel Samurai completely, and congratulate Playtech on a job well-done!

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