Play Elephant King, the Brand-New Video Slot from IGT

Elephant King

Play Elephant King, the Brand-New Video Slot from IGT

Written by Daniel Wilson
February 21, 2018

IGT has had a strong start to 2018. They released Wishwood a few months ago (which is a tremendous and enjoyable game – check it out) and now they’ve hit out with another game set in the wilderness: Elephant King.

The game is not subtle, nuanced or refined like some of their other titles: it is a tribute to raw, unfiltered power and adrenaline. The soundtrack during the opening scene is a combination of screeching monkeys and booming drums, which gives you an idea of what’s to follow.

With everything covered in sheet gold, Elephant King also conveys what else it’s about: giving back to the players with heavy wads of cash! It’s a medium variance game, and offers up good prizes in a clever and quite unique way – but more on that later.

Fundamentally, Elephant King is a fun slot, with good payouts and a pleasing quality of graphics and animation.


As is fitting for a game about the mighty elephant, the designers have done everything they can to have the slot exude power: gold everywhere, heavy drums, screeching animals, and constant roars from the elephants themselves. Set way out in the barren wilderness, it’s a game of survival.

Basic Gameplay

Like many slots, Elephant King offers up 40 paylines in a 5×3 layout. Unfortunately you have to pay in multiples of 75 coins, which means that the minimum spend per spin is $0.75 at the lowest denomination. This is fine for medium-level players, but for those who like to keep their interests small, you might want to look elsewhere.

The low-value symbols are taken for a deck of cards, as usual: spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Where the fun starts is with the animal symbols:

  • Zebra
  • Gazelle
  • Rhino
  • Elephants

But there’s a special elephant (the glowing gold one) which acts as the game’s scatter. You’ll notice when you play that there is a disc at the top of each reel. These can contain either numbers (of coins, which you can win) or a free spins bonus symbol.

When the scatter elephant appears, you are immediately awarded that prize above that reel! It could be a round of ten free spins, or up to 10,000 coins at once. It’s a mammoth bonus, and since there are scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5, you could get multiple bonuses at once!

Free Spins Round

If you do manage to get a scatter and get the free spin disc, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice bout of laziness. And payouts.

The free spins round isn’t as crazy and complex as you see in some games these days, but it still pays dividends. It’s pretty similar to the base game, but involves a different set of reels, with higher value symbols. You get ten spins, and so you’re pretty much guaranteed to come out with a few wins.

If you’re lucky, those wins could be elephantastic

Our Verdict

Honestly, we can’t recommend Elephant King highly enough. It’s light and enjoyable, so you don’t feel under any pressure, but has enough excitement that you want to keep playing – even after bedtime.

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