Raiders of the Hidden Realm, a Beautiful New Slot from Playtech

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Raiders of the Hidden Realm, a Beautiful New Slot from Playtech

Written by Daniel Wilson
May 16, 2018

One player, three raiders, and five reels all working together in order to explore a hidden, icy realm in search of treasure. While it does sound like loose plot of an epic blockbuster, this really is a simple online slot from software development giants Playtech.

Join Morgana, Strider, and Sparks as they explore this world of ice, and feel the suspense of their perilous situation with a perfectly-matched soundtrack. When you get down to brass tacks, Raiders of the Hidden Realm is just a slot, and with its 96.4% RTP and lucrative free spins round, it should thoroughly impress players.

What’s This Game About?

An epic fantasy with powerful heroes taking place on a fictional planet, this slot is all about adventure.

What’s Hidden in the Realm?

The first thing which strikes players is the quality of animation: it’s powerful and incredibly smooth, inviting the player into its world. Clearly this wasn’t a rushed job by the Playtech team!

All of the main characters are expertly-designed, like a cast of Assassin’s Creed-style badasses. From the icy-blue background, to the flawless animation and intriguing characters, Playtech really manages to bring players into the story – a fantastic sign of quality.

Players can wager up to $500 on a single spin, and with an average RTP of 96.3%, you could win pretty regularly! The 3 heroes, Morgana, Strider, and Sparks, appear as stacked symbols and are worth the most money. The remaining symbols include a variety of power crystals and the game’s wild.

With wins signalled by strikes of lightning, and all 3 heroes shouting at each other across the reels, this game is about as interactive as they come.

Special Features

Raiders Shuffle

When you manage to land a fully stacked raider on the first reel, but only partially on the fifth, each reel’s symbols will turn into separate wilds and randomly disperse themselves over the reels: naturally, this can lead to big wins.

Free Spins

When any raider is fully stacked on both reel 1 and reel 5, the player will receive a round of free spins! Depending on the raider, there is also a special bonus applied to the free spins round:

  • Morgana – Extra Morgana symbols injected into the reels after every spin, to increase the odds of winning.
  • Strider – All wilds which land during the game will remain until all spins have been used.
  • Sparks – Sparks symbols will immediately transform into multipliers worth up to 5x!

Our Verdict

Raiders of the Hidden Realm is a film I’d pay to see. However, since it’s still only a slot, we’ll have to settle with playing it for now! It’s fun, entertaining, incredible well-designed, and can offer players a tremendous payout during free spins. If you’re looking for a game that has it all, then Raiders of the Hidden Realm is right up there!

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