Rake In the Coins of Egypt with Netent's New Online Slot

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Rake In the Coins of Egypt with Netent's New Online Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
May 30, 2018

Coins of Egypt is far from the first online slot to experiment with the theme of ancient Egypt: in fact, it’s far from the first Netent slot to explore this theme. However, it’s the first slot we’ve ever seen take it in this new direction.

Coins of Egypt is darker and more oppressive than we first expected, and there’s a real sense of wariness and danger which we don’t usually see with online slots. Of course, like all Netent slots, Coins of Egypt boasts incredible graphics, flawless animation, and a generous array of payout methods.

Let’s jump right in, and see how this slot compares to other new releases!

Gameplay Overview

From the opening sequence to the first spin, there’s an air of tension about this slot. The soundtrack is like a snake tamer’s tune, but with much darker overtones. Isis and Anubis guard the reels, which themselves are made of heavy, dark granite. The whole scene is powerful, and the deep rumbling of the reels when you hit “spin” is both satisfying and discomfiting.

But anyway, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Coins of Egypt has been designed with a tonne of awesome features to improve payouts, increase unpredictability and to keep players entertained. Players can wager $0.20 to $200, and payouts are pretty common. The four Egyptian gods – Anubis, Wadjet, Bastet, and Isis – are the highest-paying symbols, while various scarab beetles are worth less.

Special Features

Pharoah Coins Win

On every spin, there’s a special symbol (the “collect” symbol) which can fall on reel 5. You’ll also notice that many symbols land with a small coin attached, with a certain value. On their own, these coins do nothing – however, if they appear when a collect symbol is also on the reels, then that number of coins is automatically added to your balance.

These coins can be worth up to 15x your original stake, which makes them incredibly valuable!

Free Spins

Now the free spins round can be a bit complicated, so we’ll try to keep it simple. First off, you need to land a scatter on reels 1, 3, and 5 – standard practice, we know. You then get unlimited free spins, where special coins can appear on reels 1, 2, and 3, each worth a certain amount of cash, and linked to a specific treasure chest.

Up to one chest symbol can appear on reel 5 on each spin; if you land the Ruby Eagle chest on reel 5 and its corresponding coin on an earlier reel, that coin’s value is added to the chest. And on to the next spin.

Once any chest has received 3 separate payments, the round ends and that chest’s contents are added to your balance. Big money!

Our Verdict

There’s no denying that Coins of Egypt is a work of art. The attention to detail across the board, from the subtle engravings to the beautiful symbols, make this game a pleasure to play. Of course, there is also the exceptional amount of cash that can be paid out – that also adds slightly to its appeal!

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