Record-Breaking £6.3m Win on Hall of Gods Progressive Slot


Record-Breaking £6.3m Win on Hall of Gods Progressive Slot

Written by Daniel Wilson
December 7, 2017

We all know that progressive slots are where the big money is, but every now and then a jackpot win comes around which really makes your jaw drop; most recently, that was the £6.3 million ($10.7 million CAD) win by one lucky player on Hall of Gods, one of Netent’s most potent, powerful and best-known games.

The winner was a lucky Scottish fellow called Neil, who was absolutely shocked to take home the jackpot. Having only played the game a couple of times in the past, you’d surely have thought the odds were against him pulling in the big money win – serves as a good reminder that progressives are truly random, and it’s always worth having a go!

But what will he be doing with his newfound wealth?

The Future of a Millionaire

First and foremost, Neil is planning to reward his parents: “I want to buy my parents a holiday home in Tenerife. They’ll love it. And I’ll take my kids to Disney, then go and see my sister in Australia.” Additionally, he plans to spend a little on himself (with a season pass to his favourite soccer team) and make a considerable donation to a national charity.

On speaking about the moment he hit the jackpot, Neil says “When it finally sank in I called mum and dad. From my voice they knew something was up. I told them I’d won some money. Then I wrote down the entire win on single pieces of paper, laid them on the floor and when they came over I asked them to guess what it was. They thought it was a lottery number!”

Can you imagine? Over ten million bucks for twenty minutes of “passing the time” on your own sofa. The possibilities of online casino are truly endless!